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  1. So when I was just pinfo-ing all the players I know I pinfo-Ed JustinGuy. It said Last What kind of idea is JustinGuy coming up with?
  2. That's just his test server. He tests everything on it before adding whatever it is to the other servers
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  3. Oh. That's what it is. LOL
  4. I suppose like a staging area.
  5. I know you thought it was a secret server...
  6. It's where all the admins and mods go and diamonds and xp rain from the sky.
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  7. It's going to be a giant stage and audience where you get to go rehearse plays.
  8. Neat
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  9. :confused: Death the kid likey...
  10. Its where he sits and joys private concerts in minecraft.
    Where do you think all those dollar$$ go to?
    Obviously not to server upgrades, performance, website or manteinance
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  11. only if that could happen
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  12. I went on Stage and found Icecreamcow's stash of TNT.

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