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  1. I really just want to see a video , snapshot of it....What is this magical place? Were some guy said that is rains diamonds and everything is 1r?
  2. He was kidding...
    It's where they test things and put stress tests so they can see what servers can handle.
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  3. It's just where the staff break everything test stuff. Trust me, it's not as exciting as it sounds.
  4. It's a place where the staff can break things without destroying the rest of the servers (It's also where Max stores her 60000 double chests of shoes) you can look at it on the LiveMap, Notice the FREAKING GIANT TNT MAZE!
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  5. Here's how the update process goes;
    First, Aikar types out all the code, then he pushes it to the Developer Server (This is different from Stage).

    • The Dev Server allows us to run updates that could potentially crash EVERYTHING.
    • This can help us rapidly push out updates.
    • If the Dev Server goes down, it's not a problem as it can be diagnosed quickly, and brought back up.
    Stage is like the last checkup before everything goes live.

    • Staff tend to learn about World Edit on Stage.. Hence the TNT Maze.
    • This is where a lot of our other projects are made that require very little coding (Like Mob Arena, and the /shop)
    • Final testing on updates before going out (as previously stated).
    Now, Stage may sound like a fun place, or something, but it's more of.. Well, this.

  6. TREES OF SPONGE?!?!?!?
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  7. Lol no way
  8. RAndom Leo post?

    SEems legit
  9. Its true. I was there. ;)
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  10. HAXZ! Cavemapping & entities radar!

    Kill, Close, Open, Caps, Spam, Legal Mods.
    You must explain your HUD to me... What mod is that? (I recognize Rei's Minimap) :)
    I assume, besides the fact you are on Stage, that this is part of an update maybe?
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  11. I take credit for this :cool: Awww yeahhh
  12. TehSpiders has been on a few times as well
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  13. IDon't want to say that spiders does not count, but he does not count.
  14. That's Macros Mod - it lets me just click something (like caps), and it'll print the message to what ever chat channel I want, or (mob arena macros) will allow me to close, or open the mob arena doors with a printed msg, kill, or spawn mobs.

    Legal Mods just prints a shortened url to the accepted mods forum. :p

    *Edit, I have to say cavemapping is actually very inefficient for.. Anything. Entities radar assists in.. Back when entc wasn't enacted, it allowed us to quickly figure out where animals are to cull the masses.. Now, it assists me by showing me where and how fast hackers are going.
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  15. So many many things have changed drastically since I was last in the Minecraft community in general... Wow. :)

    However, doesn't explain your Entity Radar unless that is Stage exclusive. ;)
  16. Leo speaks!
  17. I edited/updated the post to explain the stuff, hah. :p
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  18. Details. i must haz them.
  19. Love it. :)
  20. anyone else notice that utopia spawn someone was working on way back when..... its like the only thing standing that isnt messed up.