Staff Signature Acquisition Thread - v2

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  1. IF YOU HAVE ANY INFO PLEASE TELL ME---I HAVE LITTLE. Especially if you’re a staff yourself. Thanks!

    Note: This format was copy-pasted from the "Staff Signature Acquisition Thread" by Alukiann. The old thread is no longer active, but it can be found here. If I go inactive, someone else should feel free to create a new version of this!

    In the following order:
    • Admins
    • Senior Staff
    • Developers
    • Moderators
    • Retired Staff
    • Aikar: There are promo books from New Years and Birthday Celebration, as well as Tales of Eternia and more - But when it comes to personal signatures - No one knows...
    • Krysyy: "Usually signs all books" - Also, Valentine Wish, Dec of Independence, New Player Guide and more are promo books signed by her
    • chickeneer: Signs books if asked.
    Senior Staff:
    • ElfinPineapple: Customized Minty Version if you mail them a book and quill
    • Hashhog: There was a former newspaper called InkStain, ~22 editions
    • MoreMoople: Ask nicely and mail her a book and she'll send you her signature.
    • MrSocks75: unknown
    • TheCritic: Does not sign books
    • AnonReturns: Happy to give out her signature, but only if players mail/give her the book and quill
    • carolmoss: Usually signs when given a book and 13 Books of Blood from Halloween 2017
    • crystaldragon13: Is happy to do so, as long as you send a book & quill with your name in it so they know who to give it back to
    • jaqque: Free for the asking, provided book & quill.
    • JNightwind: send a book and quill and they would be happy to give a signature, free of charge. Just may take them a couple days to get to it.
    • JohnKid: Will give a unique signature if asked nicely / mailed a book and quill
    • Luckygreenbird: Mail him a book and quill. It's free; just ask him.
    • NickkG: Unknown
    • Raaynn: Will trade a unique signature for a unique signature mailed to him.
    • weeh: Unknown
    Retired Staff:
    • AncientTower: Unknown
    • BurgerKnight: Unknown, but last anyone heard, he may provide for free upon completion of a task of his choosing, such as complimenting someone's eyebrows.
    • AlexC__: Unkown
    • B4DMAN5IMON: Unknown
    • BigDavie: Unknown
    • Eviltoade: Unknown
    • ItsMeMatheus: Unknown
    • JesusPower2: Unknown
    • RogueRevan: Unknown
    • Baradar67: Unknown
    • BreezyMan: Unknown
    • Dramanya: Unknown
    • EmperorMelon: Unknown
    • fBuilderS: Unknown, but last known to give theirs out for free if anyone sends them a book.
    • FDNY21: Unknown
    • iamcavie: Unknown
    • JackBiggin: Unknown
    • JDHallows: Used to be given at events that he hosted, which are all unique to that occasion. Otherwise unknown.
    • Melk73: Unknown
    • MercenaryCrow: Unknown
    • NickkG: Unknown
    • Sachrock: 1 official signature before becoming mod. Unknown now, but last reported as usually given if you mail him a book.
    • Sazukemono: Unknown, but last known to give out signatures when asked nicely.
    • Silken_thread: signed books and heads sold at /v 13131 near the diamond shop.
    • Slvr: Unknown now, but last reported to make a personalized signature upon request - Also selling/used to sell books at /v Slvr 3 bookstore on SMP8.
    • The_Boulder: Just give him a couple of days and he will be happy to sign!
    Updated 24 November 2022
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  2. I will trade a unique signature for a unique signature mailed to me.

    Hashhog also used to sell signatures, not just the Inkstain
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  3. Ask nicely and mail me a book and I'll send you my signature. :)
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  4. My name is on here as retired. When was I even staff?
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  5. obviously ... in Ancient times....
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  6. I guess you're joking, but from October 2017 to June 2021. :p
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  7. I have a very unique collection at my 4th res on smp7. When you teleport go all the way to the back and to the last room on the right. There is a preview chest with the book and the flower that goes with it. It was a gift from a player that was a good friend of mine.
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  8. dang... alot of the retired staff I used to talk with are no longer active... AlexC__ is going onto their 1 year of being inactive today or tmmr
  9. Whoah whoah whoah excuse me :p I'm alive
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  10. Retired Mod: Silken_thread signed books and heads sold at /v 13131 near the diamond shop
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  11. ha ha, right, updated to be correct but still; don't know if you give your signatures or not....

    ty, added
  12. Please PM me with any updates to this list! I heard through the forums that Moople is now a minty green. Can someone verify?
  13. I am minty now, yes. :) Also, The_Boulder is no longer staff.
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  14. Congrats!!!
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