Staff Picture's Thread

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  1. it is quite simple, post silly or other such pictures you have of the wonderful EMC staff members!
    not much else to it, have a ball. 2013-06-04_20.20.50.png
    I call this one "dont do it Jim!"

    and this one is simply "Man in the Moon"
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  2. 2013-05-25_20.22.42.png 2013-05-25_21.04.14.png
    This is from out wild adventure with smp1 and Aikar! :D It was good times.... (like a few weeks ago).
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  3. Just hanging out with the awesome staff.
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  4. nick, uhm Im not sure they knew you were there....
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  5. OMG its so creepy yet so funny at the same time.
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  6. ...My soul...
  7. I lol'd so hard
    I imagined thi happening IRL, oh my. :D
  8. Well this is officially a creepy thread...
  9. And those are pictures of me doing it just to the staff, I have way more of me doing it to other EMC non-staff members.
  10. :confused: Am I in one? *shivers*

  11. ~ Dwight Comet ~

    ~ Jim Comet ~

    ~ Me and Justin ~

    ~ Giant Slime that ate Max ~