Staff Application 4.0 (Updated October 14, 2014)

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I've been checking the staff applications every day for the last few months and have realized a trend with them: They don't answer all the questions they need to. Instead of spending all my time (which could be better spent doing fun projects for the community) searching for the answers we are interested in, I decided it was time for an updated Staff Application.

    Out with the old and in with the new! All past applications submitted before 3:30 pm EMC time today, October 14th, 2014 are now discarded.

    If you are interested in being a staff member, please fill out the new application =)

    Changed the short link to fix issues. If you don't see cats, you aren't filling out the right one and should message me.

    CLICK HERE if above doesn't work!

    Good Luck,


    Please do NOT check ALL times for your availability. You have to sleep sometime...(even Aikar gets 4-5 hours per night).
    When you select all times on the list, it forces us to go check your session logs to determine your real times and that means it takes longer to go over everyone's applications.

    If you have done this, please resubmit your application!!!
  2. The link don't seem to be working properly, perhaps that's just me?
  3. Is it just me or does the link not work?
  4. The link is broken for me, which may be a problem.
  5. Can my reason for being staff be that it is my birthday? Pretty please?
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  6. It says the page is unavailable for me.
  7. Link was working, but I'm checking into.
  8. I reloaded the page without the 's' in https and it loaded perfectly fine. Make with that what you will. :)
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  9. That worked for me too.
  10. If it is not working for you guys, here is a direct link. The forwarding address should be fixed shortly. :)
  11. It's fixed now =)
  12. Congrats, you passed the first test... >.> <.<
  13. 13-16 & 16-18?! Which do I choose?!
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  14. I gave up on the first question.

    You guys are not giving us any mercy on this new application!
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  15. lol, thanks for catching that...
  16. I would guess that since the first option is [0, 13), that it would follow with [13, 16) and [16, 18). If you're 16 and have been for more than an instant, you would pick the "16 - 18" category. (Just my guess)

    EDIT: Or, krysyyjane9191'll just change it. :p
  17. "What is your username?"

  18. Eh, what the heck. I'll try applying ;)
    By the way, you have 2 of the same questions:
    Around what time slot are you available on EMC IN-GAME on the Weekdays? (Monday-Friday)
    and the weekends one too, you have 2 of those.
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  19. There is one for forums, and one for in-game. You are moving too fast. :p
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  20. Oops :p
    Sorry for confusion >.<
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