Stack of Notch Apples

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  1. One Stack (64) NOTCH APPLES

    Starting Bid: 100,000 r

    Minimum Bid Increase: 1,000 r

    Auction Ending: 24 hours

    Remember, when we update to 1.9 Notch apples are no longer able to be crafted. These will still be able to be used but become very rare. Thank you! Have fun!
    Peace & Love,

    P.S. Apples will be mailed to you free of charge.
  2. 100k
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  3. thank you!
  4. 101,000 rupees!
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  5. Taking last minute bids it will close in a couple of hours! All proceeds go to my next project to help others and for my public promo museum.
  6. SOLD! Jacob I will mail this to you as soon as I get the rupees. Thank you so very much and your name will be added to my contributions roster!
    Love and Peace
  7. Mailing them now! Thank you again!