Stable Store For Pets

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  1. We all know about stable store for horses. But there are other tamable animals too. You can tame wolves and ocelots. It could be very useful to be able to call up these animals on demand cross-server.

    The mechanic could be, say, right-clicking them with a blaze rod for example.

    Please comment!
  2. /pound

    For cats and dogs!
  3. The reason stables for horses is so important, is because they each have individual values. They vary wildly not only in looks, but in speed health, and jumping. A dog is just a dog, and cats have like.. 3 different looking cats. But no other stats. That is why Horses are a little more important data wise.
  4. It would have to work for pigs too, cuz u can race pigs :)
  5. You have a valid point, the main reason I think this would be useful is that there is currently no way of bringing tamed animals with you, when you teleport to or from reses they don't follow you.
  6. Think about re-named animals
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  7. I agree with smooch. Dogs and cats have try little value and diversity, and you can just eggify them and re tame them with bones/fish. If it really bothers you, you could have Aikar make it so that dog/cat eggs on EMC keep their stats, but I feel that would be unnecessary.
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