SSRC. Smp2's Redevelopment corperation.

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  1. ON SMP2 We have formed A construction company dedicated to helping out the new members of EMC and providing expertise building to those who need help. Recently we have begun construction on Our new HQ at 3659 and I'd Like to share some photos with you as it enters its final stages of construction, furthermore, with the pressure on to complete it by Saturday for a grand Ceremony we are working around the clock. This Thread will also be Where the company will post updates for its employees.
    -Owner of SSRC, Windylava first glimpse.png Up close.png lobby.jpg The lobby.jpg Gardens.png looking up.png SSRC shop.png

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  2. Updated picture Of 3085 SSRC's Shop Updadted.jpg
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  3. Redevelopment? Do they make not so well built structures look better?
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  4. Yes we do. :D
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  5. Its also more of just a name as when i mean Redevelopment I mean To Redevelop res's that were derected into new awesome structures
  6. lol, the Picture of the Shop, I re-did the letters cause that R looked very retarded XD so 3085 looks adequate.
  7. i'm in also :3
  9. AT 3767 On SMP2!!
  10. How long till 3:15 est?
  11. Wait is this a operation that you can apply for?
  12. We have Been Expanding Profusely lately, so I'll be posting pictures asap
  13. 3085 is expanding and Were are build the cosmopoliton Hotel Of SSRC next door to HQ 3767 Stop by soon and see for yourself :D
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  14. Yes there are some job openings and donations are always apreciated :)
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  15. guys srry i havent been on in forever ive been overwelmed with homework and i have been trying to log on at the same time as u guys but i cant seem to log on at the right time, today i logged on 10 minutes after windy left:(
  16. The Cosmopolitan hotel Is nearing completion And we hope to open very soon with Extremely Low prices we hope to Make Smp2 an even bigger tourist hub. Here is a recent picture of construction. :) The hotel is the Silver orange and cyan skyscraper (you can see HQ behind it)

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  17. Also We have moved our shop from 3085 to 3655 and I will post a picture of the new mall soon
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  18. This is the new shop at 3655. SSRC shop.png