SSRC Build Competition Voting

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(SELECT ONLY THE TOP TWO BUILDS) - Reponses are public to prevent the use of alts and triple votes.

Poll closed Apr 4, 2021.
BlueShinobixIII - 16253 13 vote(s) 65.0%
Egeau - 749 11 vote(s) 55.0%
MrClydeBarrow - 13709 4 vote(s) 20.0%
Unixbrain - 15435 5 vote(s) 25.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. SSRC Build Competition
    - Voting -
    1st Place: 1,000,000r
    2nd Place: 500,000r
    3rd Place: 250,000r
    (Contestants in order of entry, Vote for which you believe is the best and should win.)
    (Voting is open from when this post is made till Saturday Night 4/3/2021 at 11:59PM)


    1. BlueShinobiXIII - Res- 16253 on SMP8 - Russian style Cathedral
    2. Egeau - Res- 749 on SMP1
    3. MrClydeBarrow (MissBonnieParker) - Res: 13709 on SMP6

    4. Unixbrain - residence 15435 on SMP7 - Map Art

    For voting, please vote for the two best reses. In the event there is a tie, we will hold a runnoff on Monday since Sunday is a holiday. VOTE FOR TWO PEOPLE. IF YOU VOTE FOR MORE THEN TWO THEN ALL OF YOUR VOTES WILL BE DISCOUNTED. (Sadly we can't do rank-choice voting here.)
  2. My second vote goes to Missbonnieparker
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  3. because i have a crippling inability to read polls, my second vote goes to clyde/bonnie
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    Winners and their rewards which will be paid first thing tomorrow.

    1. BlueShinobiXIII - 1,000,000r
    2. Egeau - 500,000r
    3. MrClydeBarrow (MissBonnieParker) - 250,000r

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  5. Second place :)

    Fun fact: I have never won a build competition with relatively high stakes, but this is the eighth time I’ve gotten in second. They must be cursed or something :p

    Oh well, 500Kr is plenty to get for a build I get to keep. Thank you very much for hosting this, Windy :)