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  1. Again this night somebody come far far far away in the wildness to destroy our houses taking all the stuff into...yeah we have some chest LOCKED but we don't have a way to protect the house walls?, he freaking destroy everything!no reason....bah
  2. I'm sorry for your loss, but the safe place to build is in town, on your own personal lot. Remember: Don't give out permission flags to random players, or they can steal your things on your lot.
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  3. Also as people have said on previous threads if you have to build in the wild build underground, make zigzaggy paths instead of just leading straight to it and do so far from spawn.
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  4. How many blocks out from the Spawn were you?
  5. I don't understand how this happens. Everyone just builds giant buildings up into the sky... Open and screaming they are there.. its stupid. Really stupid. Build that stuff in town. You wanna live out there? Go underground.. seriously. I think I'm beyond tired of reading thread after thread of this.

    Seriously. No one can do anything about it. So please. Personal mesaage someone who actually can do things about it. I'm tired of reading these over and over when by now you should know nothing can be done.

    Take the advice every single person has been saying. This applies to everyone who says they live in the wild. Don't build your giant fort base... Outside. In the open. And expect it to forever be there.

    People are idiots. Be smarter than them.
  6. Why don't we find out instead of immediately casting judgement?

    If he has built a reasonable number of blocks out, then he's taken fair precaution and we can offer advice and other hints and tips. If however, he's built within spitting distance of spawn then yes, not a great idea, but we can still offer advice and help instead of simply slating him.

    Don't read them then?
  7. It's just upsetting they see other advice given to others, but they don't take the same themselves. I feel bad and hope the person is found.. but I have four bases spread around, none have ever been found.

    I read them to see if you can help, but some are so obvious as to why they got griefed.
    Justin himself has said its the wild, that they can't do to much unless photos were taken.

    Lb block would come in handy at times like this.
  8. Frullino has been a Member since Thursday and is already a paying Supporter. Maybe he's not checked the Forums properly yet, or maybe he's had no need to come to the Forums until this. This might be him embarking on his learning curve.

    There's nothing obvious about why this guy has been griefed. That's why I asked how many blocks out he's gone.

    You've got the right idea, you're just jumping on people before they've given you reason. For all you know this guy might have a really good, secure base but not realised that unless he /map hides, people will still know where to go.

    So give them a chance to explain, then if it's stupid you can have a go at 'em. ;)
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  9. lol I don't try to. honestly. lol I just have too much of a need to express things in a blunt form. So I tend to get the angry side out most times.
  10. Only on EMC could someone treat a griefing like a bereavement...
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  11. Kilmannan, sometimes I think things as I read through a forum post and then you say them. Its getting kind of creepy.
    Get out muh head!
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  12. solved, as u said i've build the "super house" in the town and the underground one in the wildness :), no walls, only locked chest underground for diamonds and stuff XD thank you everybody for the answer
  13. We all have to learn this the hard way. I've been hit HARD by griefers, by leaving too many things vulnerable. They managed to get so much crap that they had to leave behind their diamond tools to carry it all. That should give you a clue as to the sort of things they took as well. Let that be a lesson, I guess.