Squishy Squish Bug Fixes - 11/15/14

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  1. After 2 weeks of chasing down a bug that caused Spooky Eggs to duplicate, I finally found the root cause...
    While I had "fixed" it to stop the duping, I didn't know the actual cause! So I've been trying to figure out, deeply debugging the internals of the server with entity saving, chunk loading and unloading and more... but finally figured it out, it was actually a Minecraft bug that could extend to other things too!

    So now is time to throw in a ton more bug fixes!

    • Fixed underlying issue causing spooky eggs to duplicate.
    • Players who were tempbanned but now expired no longer show "Ban Lifted on next login" on /p, it will just not show the ban information.
    • Walking over an item that belongs to another player will no longer mass spam you.
    • /chat toggle now works
    • Fixed remaining bugs with dropping soulbound items causing them to be lost. It was as simple as a != to a ==...
    • Players who choose extra training will now also trigger the new player broadcast
    • Guests in tutorial can no longer chat until they have used a teleport. This should stop any spambots.
    • Fixed issue with setting multiple flags at once using the /res pset foo move,build,container t syntax
    • Improved servers internal code for performance
    • Changing move flag for players now acts instantly, kicking people off if they do not have permissions.
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  2. I know how that != and == feels.

    I'm a new player here. Looking forward to great updates.
    If possible implement a /r command? To instantly reply to the last private message sent to you? If it's implemented already then my bad. :)
  3. Good to know you found these bugs. Keep on hunting - - there are many more :)
  4. @[name] [message] - to send a message
    @@[message] - to reply to the last message you received
  5. I want to see some fan-art of Aikar with a rifle going "bug hunting"
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  6. Any recent updates on emc? Been a while. Status of 1.8 or the DT.
  7. He did one recently, but it was small so no big post. He made a status update =)
    Also with the Holidays approaching, we have things planned so there's that.
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  8. What is the new sign item added?
  9. You'll find out soon enough
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  10. Aw, can u give a hint? Or an example with a cherry on top?

    P.s. Don't want to type a lot. On cell.
  11. Sunday...