Squid Farm

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  1. I hijacked this thread http://empireminecraft.com/threads/90-entity-spawn-limit.47626/#post-870431 and thought I better do my own. as it seems to continue.

    I might be a bit dense. How can you have a lava farm that's efficient? Any drops will burn up unless you have the following:
    lava layer
    sign layer
    hopper layer
    repeat from 62-46 (42, 43, I see different levels at various sites for the bottom spawn layer)

    Actually, just did a test, don't need the sign layer so that would be quite efficient if the hoppers never burn up and you have infinite hoppers.
    lava layer
    hopper layer

    But would you trust it long term?

    With squid now ignoring current and swimming up or down as they please (as of 1.8), how would you set it up so squid spawn in a 21x21x20 cube of lava without the drops burning?
  2. Don't bother with lava. It's way too risky and there are more efficient ways to obtain the drops.

    Edit: I've been tinkering with a squid farm I built over the last three days. There's still some issues with drop consistency. However, it is working quite well overall.
  3. I wish I felt the effort had been worth it. I could have had a couple dc's filled just by swimming around and using looting III.

    Any chance of a visit to compare notes?
  4. I'll be online tonight around 8pm EMC time. Drop me a mesaage when you see me online - I'll forget otherwise with two case briefs breathing down my neck later on today - and we'll have a look. :)
  5. Your farm is working fine (thanks for the visit :) ) but after the change to source block lvl (63) I still see no squid

    Looks like I will have to dig out the entire area to find the 10 squid stuck in a 2x2 pond.
  6. Well it appears that squid do spawn but only when some have been killed elsewhare in the world.

    ent count is 30 during the day and 60-80 at night. A great hunting site has squid packs constantly spawning and the ent count was 40-50 so I dont think that's the problem, just the quantity of water and maybe a max squid per server.

    I may have to go to utopia and build one, seems quieter there. Or possibly waste after the next reset.
  7. You don't need a lava blade for squid. They suffocate if they are out of water. Just drop them into an empty tube over hoppers and they will die. You can also do a falling death.
  8. Mine uses cobweb at the bottom rather than signs... :D
  9. Squid despawn in 1.7 as far as I know, that was one of the fixes, and also why they don't last in town anymore. Nothing outside 64 blocks of you should effect squid spawning (128 on normal servers). If you see info to the contrary, please post a link, love to see it.
  10. Interesting. I've been sitting in two squid farms for the last 2 hours. I am pretty sure entity count is having no effect, I've dug around a fair bit and removed lava and water and still get only 18 ink in that time in my farm. In the other farm, I have got a little over 3 stacks.

    Looks like I need to do some more digging.

    On the entity count, during that time my farm had 0 animals and 30 monsters, the other one had 7 animals (spiders) and 60-70 monsters...
  11. how far away are farms from each other? how long do they stay alive in there when they spawn?
  12. The farms are around 80k from each other :) One is another player's and he offered it to me when I mentioned the problem. So I had myself and an alt sitting in them for 4 hours to test.

    My own farm seems to be working better now but still not a very high rate (less than a stack an hour). I do need to change it again as the drop doesn't kill them and they take time to suffocate.

    With the coming 1.8 changes I'm starting to wonder if I should just give it away and build a squid tank, removing all the columns and then do as Dory says, just keep swimming.