spyro the dragon

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  1. hey guys over my 200 days on emc i have got a question that never goes outa my mind. and its How did you come up with your minecraft username? well all of you who hasn't asked here you go the answer is Spyro the Dragon. if any of you are younger the probably 10 you haven't heard of this game. but i'm 10 and i happen to know about this amazing game! well i know its a bit messed up but there is my first game! and how i got my Minecraft username if you want go ahead search it up on goggle bing or whatever you use. i still play this from time to time and is the best game of its time. i just wanted to put this out here to let you awesome doods. link -> https://www.google.com/search?hl=en...sch&q=spyro the dragon ps1&revid=1630821830of emc know
  2. sorry its a bit messed up
  3. Ohhh i love the oldschool
    spyro games, i used to play "Spyro : Enter the Dragonfly" on my gamecube. such an good series..

    Had to read it twice to understand it :p
  4. I remember playing spyro on ps1 xD
  5. My name goes way back too, I've been 607 since 6 years old :)
    I just saw a longplay of it and spyro the dragon looks pretty cool.
  6. i want more of you doods to see this