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  1. Does anybody else play Spore? I've only had it since the beginning of the month but I love it. I've wanted it since it came out but my mum said it was too expensive at the time and it was an age 12. I wasn't 12 back then. But i've been playing games like resident evil (thank you dad!) and Medal Of Honor since I was 9 years old, so i'm allowed to play games rated as a 16 :p

    You can see my creations by clicking the big spore button in my signature. Some of them aren't mine. My brother and sister are too lazy to make their own accounts -_-
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  2. i want it
    EDIT yay first post
  3. You should get it :) The graphics are fantastic for a 4 year old game and so is the gameplay. My computer is also 3 years old and it can barely run L4D2 but I get around 120FPS on spore. L4D2 I get around 15-20FPS.
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  4. my computer came with a demo of it and i get 5-10fps and its from the same year!
    thats why i use my fathers computer
  5. I had it since the first week it was out, I haven't played it in years.
  6. I heard that Spore wasn't all that great, actually.
  7. It's good, it just isn't as popular now.
  8. The released version of Spore..... was iffy at best. Now, the version that they were going to release before there was a major overhaul (I know of this version from game play footage released by creators of Spore) was sooo much better. I like Spore the first time through, then it becomes boring at Space Age.
  9. It's all about the second and third stages for me.
  10. Creature and Tribal? My favorite stages are Tribal and Civilization.
  11. Errh... Civilization... It was okay, but I was economic, so it was kinda lame.
  12. I am always economic and then become friends with powerful military civilization. Get them to do my dirty work, then rush in to get the spice geysers.
  13. Whatever floats your boat and doesn't sink another I guess. :)
  14. Haven't heard that before, nice. :D
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  15. Creature stage is my favourite, only because you get to control your creature. Socializing and killing other creatures is really, really boring and there is no way to kill an epic.. I have been in the tribal stage once but all of my tribe members dissapeared one day and I didn't have enough food to make another baby, so I had to restart. I'm not very happy with version 2 of my 'Skittel' so I made another creature that are actually much better than my previous creatures.
    People who make reviews don't really go that in-depth in the game. They just rush through the cell stage,find a few parts in the creature stage, die multiple times in the tribal stage before completing it, rush through the civilization stage and then...I don't know what they do for the space stage. If I do get up to space stage i'll probably buy the galactic expansion pack thing.
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  16. I LOVE this game but haven't played it since I got my new computer. I'm definitly going to pick itup again soon!
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  17. I wish the space age had a better mapping system. Am I the only one here?
  18. This is my face as I look at this thread:

  19. What? I am confused at what you mean?
  20. You might understand this better: