Spontaneous combustion

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by sqiggleyjeff, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. so i was digging a 4 by 2 square in the smp7 wild when i found a coal vein so i dug a few blocks in and started reading an email i had received when i hear my character being hurt when i click on the minecraft browser i see that i'm standing in a fire when it wasn't there before luckily i had a splash potion of health on me so i didn't die.
  2. Do you think someone tried to kill you?
  3. thats what i thought at first but i was a good 20 blocks down and i saw nobody around so unless they where cheating or logged of after setting me on fire i have no idea how it happened
  4. Yeah, than I don't know it too... :(
  5. Well if you would have done /Ch who or something it would tell you if anyone is around within a local range. And if it wasn't another player trying to kill you or pranking you or something, then what I think happened is that you were down far enough to where there was maybe a small lava pool below/beside you and it caught fire right where you were standing. Since I have seen lava in the wild can do that it tends to only start fires about a block over but it maybe is possible 2 blocks over from where the source block is.