Spodgy The Dog

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  1. When I was 8, I wrote a story. Today, while tidying my room, I found it.

    I decided to clean some things up, and typed it up on Notepad (Word refused to work). If anybody wants to read it, it's available for download here. Also, I had another story of Spodgy, which was much longer, and i'll be typing that up too...and putting it up for download :p So...enjoy, I guess?
    (Also, you can read it online :p)
    (P.S, if you go onto my account, you'll see some random 'atomOS' and 'AtomCore' stuff on there...Download if you want, but AtomCore is rendered useless on newer versions of PowerPoint)
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  2. You wrote all that when you were 8? xD
  3. With a few grammar mistakes, yes, I did.
    I've held the position of best writer in my year since I was 7 years old.
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  4. Somehow I read that in 2 minutes >_< Shortest Novella ever! Great story, love to put that into a minecraft book... Speaking of which, I am making a library on one of my reses.
  5. Bump for timezones.
  6. Bumpy bumpi-ness?
  7. That was... great! keep writing man!
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  8. I mean seriosly. i am in grade 6 and i suck. you could seriously be a writer.
  9. Imma bump 'dis.
  10. When I came to this thread... I thought it was going to be a Creepypasta.