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  1. Ok, so about a week ago I messaged JustinGuy with an idea for the main server. I asked him if I could have a 100x60 plot on the edge of town to build a massive spleef arena in. Now we have been exchanging emails since then, but here is my original message to him:

    I know I am knew to the server and all, but i have an idea. There is a very popular minecraft game called spleef, and if you don't know what it is, here is all the info on it: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Spleef

    I was wondering if you could set out a 100x60 space, where me and a few others, if I could convince a few people to help, could build a massive Spleef Arena. Me and anyone who would want to help, which I would have to approve before they could help, would provide and gather the necessary resources to build this arena. It would defiantly bring in more players to the server, as well as provide a challenge to current members. We could do something like seasons, with small rupee prizes at the end of a match. At the end of the season, the two top players would go head to head for a large rupee prize, say maybe 4,000r. Each contestant would enter the arena with the best shovel they have, be it wood or diamond, or anything in between, and fight it out for the prize. If they lose, they die in the lava under them, and lose their tool, but they entered the arena knowing this could happen, so it is all good.

    Though, it wouldn't all be seasons, people could randomly make bets, and have a game in the arena. It could also be a fun way to settle disputes! There would also be a spectator area, and maybe even be bets, with the bets made written down by a moderator or admin, and enforced at the end of the match. But that is just a side idea.

    I hope you will consider this, it would be a great pleasure for me to build this for the server, and it would provide a lot of fun for members and also provide some healthy competition!

    Now, he has not approved it, nor has he even tried spleef yet. I do hope to have a match with him soon to see if he likes the sport.

    Now, in the event that he does decide to let me go ahead with my request, I want to know what the people of the Empire think. Along with that, I want to know if anyone would be willing to help me make this massive place. We would have to provide all the supply's and build it all ourselves. It would not be cheap or fast, but in the end it would be a great addition to the Empire I believe, and like I said in my message to Justin, it would give people healthy competition and way to make some extra rupees in the process!

    Please give feed back and message me if you would want to help make the arena, and I will start making a list of those who want to help. Again this is not sure to happen, but you never know. Also, as extra incentive, With whatever extra space there is at the entrance walkway, each person who helped make the Arena will be aloud to set up a small shop to make some money during major, and minor game days.

    Yours Truly,
  2. I absolutly love this idea! If the Admins would say yes I would totally help with this but I couldn't be much help on donating materials as I am doing a massive res overhaul!
  3. Fair enough, I will add you to the list of supporters. I will be happy for any support on building this that I can get!
  4. I like the idea, but I have a couple problems,

    1. If it's in town, then how will people die in the lava?

    2. A wood shovel digs slower than a diamond one.

    3. Spleef is usually best in a creative server, so unless we're building an arena floor out of boring dirt for shovels to work best with, I don't see it happening.

    4. What are these "Seasons"? You mean like foot ball seasons? And if so, What would the seasons be?

    5. ???

    6. Profit.

    Don't get me wrong, I believe the only thing this server is missing is a Spleef Arena, These are just a few problems/questions I have with it.

    In any case, these are problems that can be resolved later. If we do go through with this, I'd love to support it ;)

    (I also love the idea of fighting for Rupees, btw. But I fear of the sore winners/losers that will rear their ugly heads)
  5. 1.You have a fantastic point there, so no death and you keep your equipment!

    2. I was thinking with that that we could do it so that when you have a match, if one person in the match can bring a better shovel than the other, the one with the better has to use the same as the one with the worse. That way the matches will be even and no one can call the other on an unfair advantage.

    3. I agree with that, which is why I decided that I will be spending all the rupees a I can on getting snow and snow blocks from the the general store, and from anyone who has snow they want to sell.

    4. I have been thinking on the seasons, and in the next few days I will post how the seasons will work. Never fear, it shall be done!

    5. I just don't understand the ??? lol.

    6. What do you mean by profit? Like the people who help build the place getting the profit? Can you please elaborate.

    And lastly I thank you for supporting it, I will add you too the list!!! Also, thank you for bringing those questions up.
  6. 1. Cool.

    2. But if the shovels are slow, then the other player could easily just move away in time.

    3. A white floor could be neat... I have some snow blocks of my own, melting in my Aesthetics Chest on my res.

    4. Alright.

    5. It's an

    6. Internet meme.

    Don't mention it, I have really wanted a spleef arena in the Empire for quite some time :)
  7. I still understand all but 5. and 6. what do you mean by It's an and Internet meme?
  8. He means "It's an Internet meme.".

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  9. Ok, considering the person I am getting my snow from right now, and if the actual fighting area is say 60x30 and the rest is stands and shops and all that fun stuff, the arena will consist of 1800 blocks and it is going to cost me 5,500 rupees to build that many snow blocks. And that is without being able to repair the field after matches. I am going to go on a very long expedition to get lots of snow, with lots of trips. If anyone would care to donate some snow or help me get some snow, I would be insanely grateful and your name will be on the wall of helpers. (Yes there will be one, I am going to put it up once and if the field is made!)
  10. Ummmm, I think I am like the fat a**. I do not understand :( can you please explain to my little mind.
  11. Oh and on the whole shovel thing, if a contestant can only bring say a wooden shovel, I will provide a stone one. They have always been fast enough in spleef.
  12. I meant only the playing floor when I said that, the playing floor consists of 1800 blocks if it is going to be 60x30 for the field itself, but the rest of the 100x60 area will be made of stone and wood, as stands and stores and hallways to the different areas, and the paths to the contestant start and all that. So no, the whole thing will not be all made out of snow. Oh and I will also figure out a way to do team matches.
  13. @Aus Thank you.

    @Zanderboy We should make the arena out of obsidian, that way it'll be difficult to destroy.

    And I think a 100x60 area is waaaayy too big.
  14. 60x30 seems ridiculously oversize for the playing field, even for team games.
  15. Ok, so how I see it is that you think I have no plan for making the in game money, Green_Mystery?
  16. I started testing some spleef plugins for bukkit that other people have written to see what the impact on the server (and how much work I would need to do). This may be a good candidate to make its own server -OR- add to arenas server. I will try and keep everyone updated, I do have a huge list of things I am working on :)
  17. Also, both of you have good points. I think I now that I will ask for a smaller area, say 70x20, with it being that that the place is set up like this. 0= Shop/ Wall of helpers area/ walk to arena area. 9= Sitting/Watching area. 8= Playing field. All of the marks will equal up to 5 in game blocks.


    This in total equals the 70x20 area I am planning to ask for now. Ideas, comments?
  18. Justin, I don't think that any special plugins would be needed. It would be very easy to set it up so that the matches would run smoothly without plugins. Also, on the part of it being in the arenas server, I don't think many people would use it then. I personally never see anyone on the server, some times I see 1 or 2 people on it, but even then it is not often. I think that is because people would rather it all be on one server instead of two. It makes it easier to have the matches, more people will show up and want to have the matches, and if it were on another server then we could not do any of the money rewards or and it would be almost impossible to host a season/tournament type thing.
  19. Plugins would make it much easier. For example, just like the current arenas, the playing field would automatically be reset between each match, eliminating the need for you to manually fix it.

    It is still possible to offer rewards on another server because it communicates with your account just like the main server, the system just hasn't been implemented yet as Justin is busy frying bigger fish.
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