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  1. wat did i just watch
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  2. I don't know either:confused:
  3. I don't know for sure but I THINK (do not quote me on this) we just watched him spin.
  4. Wait... Is the 2nd spin the 1st spin played reverse? :S
  5. What is this
    I don't even
  6. Enya is awesome
  7. Was excepting this kind of ending after spinning
  8. Now that was art.
  9. Is that you?
  10. Nah, a good friend of mine :p
  11. ahh okay - was about to say he sounds like he's from the uk... thought you were american :p but you guys do look similar
  12. The devil has taken over this child o.o
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  13. My reaction......
  14. uhm....