Special Regular Dragon Eggs

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Should Before DT Eggs Be Special?

Yes 7 vote(s) 53.8%
No 6 vote(s) 46.2%
  1. The dragon tombs are approaching very fast and that means that there will be more dragon eggs. So I was thinking, why don't the regular dragon eggs (before DT eggs) be special. If you agree with this, vote on the poll.
  2. lol, where did you hear this ?

    That would be good news, but I doubt it with name changes, game server, 1.8, Bliz-Ard Nose Usage, and real life obligations of our developers.
  3. It has been almost 3 years and I assume its going to come out soon. 3 years has to be enough time for the devs.
  4. Dragon tombs is by no means the only thing on the dev team's list... There's a lot of stuff that they've been working on, and dragon tombs is less of a priority than potentially game-breaking/harmful things for the server if they are not addressed, such as name changes. Plus 1.8 is coming out soon and that is bound to shake up some of the plans and already written code. It could still be a while.
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  5. Game-crashing issues are serious, but the staff can still work on dragon tombs. Also, minecraft 1.8 already came out, even though this server still supports 1.7 clients. My question is, why should dragon tomb eggs be special? The more special items going around, the less the egg's worth.
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  6. It's coming very fast.

    But really, the original dragon eggs are already special. I believe that there are the original # dragon eggs, and then there are a few more fun dragon eggs passed out to the people who owned the original.
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