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  1. Hello !

    After joining the contribution team I decided that now is the time to start a project I have always wanted to do. I want to interview people with amazing plots & take photos for everyone to see,so that the talent can be documented & shared for everyone else. I only request 3 things:

    1. Does anyone know a good other party website I can use so I dont need to spam the forums?
    2. I would like it if people could post some names & res #'s in this forum so I can look around
    3. I would love it if anyone had any ideas for cool fun questions that I can add onto the list of ones I have ready.
  2. Reserved
  3. Cool idea! Try flickr for sharing the pics, the only prob with it is you need a yahoo account
  4. Seen multiple posts like this before, thanks for starting this up again! Can't wait to see those amazing builds out there. :p
  5. I would definitely check out the residences that are around the spawns of the servers as that's where a lot of really cool plots are located! P.S. Awesome idea!
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  6. I'm a little bit puzzled by this one, does this mean you plan on releasing your "build report" outside the forums / website? I really think you should reconsider. I mean: the whole idea behind being a contributor is providing material (stuff) which helps the website. Sure; officially it's "write posts for the blog and update the wiki", but why stop there?

    Many people "complain" about the auction posts filling up a lot of the new posts, so why not counteract that a little bit by adding some other things of your own? I think the forum could use a new thread which sees regular updates, it helps to keep things interesting for some players.

    As for pictures and all, my favorite would be Imgur. And if you were referring to the actual interviewing yourself: just start a private conversation. Heck, you could even consider taking it one step further and interview people in the game. The fun part with that is that everything will be automatically logged which you can then simply edit to your liking. (see the 'logs' folder in your Minecraft gamefolder).

    Just my 2 cents obviously :)

    Good luck with this one!
  7. Isnt that what a blog should be for? Just write in the blog?!
  8. I think she meant link to a site that allows you to create photo albums, that way the post won't be flooded with millions of images. Sharing photos isn't that efficient on forums. So you could make a post with a link to that photo album, and allow people to browse through the photos with ease, maybe with captions detailing the res number and the owner.
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