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  1. I will give you 4 unused sheers. You get to use all 4 to sheer my 64 sheep.
    You will get about 80 pieces or more of each color.
    This will equal about 1,280 pieces.
    At my price this is worth 1.6k rupees.
    I am offering this at 800r.
    Message me on smp1.
  2. If you shear 64 sheep, you get between 1 and 3 per sheep you shear, right? That is between 64 and 196 ish pieces?
  3. but you get four sheers to completely use. each sheer gets how many uses?
  4. This is a wrong offer. Like, we have use all the 4 SHEARS (not sheers btw) and you only pay 800r ? Pretty confusing and undercut, or is it just me ?
  5. Yeah, I am kind of really confused by this offer... I'll leave it anyways.
  6. you get 4 unused sheers...
    you use all four until they each break.
    you should get about 1.28 pieces of wool...
    How is this confusing?
  7. Sheep have different amounts of wool they drop. There are so many flaws in this offer too, people could bring their own shears. And in my old shop when I sold wool, it was a lot cheaper than the price you set at getting. Confusing, with flaws. That is my opinion.
  8. You're still spelling shears wrong :D
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  9. ... SHEARS! Fine. and i am basing this off of what i get when i sheer my sheep. offer over. no one took it. a good offer missed. not ot mention that i will be monitering so once i see 4 break i will kick them off
  10. Hey m8,

    I only said that to help not for beeing harsh ;-) Aight ok you give shears ppl cut your fav animals and get payed, but.. there's loads of places which have this possibility. And again I feel uncut, but thats just cause wool prices are soooo varied.
  11. It's not really a good offer if you say at first that you will only pay us half of what the work we would be doing for you is worth...
    Your math is wrong, btw. I have no idea where you got the "80 pieces of each color." Don't mean to be critical, but for people to believe you you need to know all of your facts.
  12. The people confused me now. Do you earn the money or do you pay the money?
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  13. I wasn't paying anyone. i was letting you buy approximately 1.28 pieces of wool at half price. I got this because with 1 shear I was getting about 20 pieces of each color... Times 4 equals 80 pieces... 80 times 16 equals about 1.28k. You keep the wool. Pretty much I was offering that much wool for half of what it would cost at my shop.
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