Spawning logic...

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Choose wisely

Momentus 10 vote(s) 90.9%
Marlix 1 vote(s) 9.1%
  1. Choose wisely I guess?

    I came across this no further than 100m from the spawn.

    URL to image in case you can't see it: here
  2. Image is broken for me.
  3. Image is broken for me also, is it one (or both) of the Minibosses? :p
  4. If this is about a Marlix flying around spawn then the answer is simple: other players drove him there ;) It's mentioned in another thread on these forums.

    Poor Marlix only sought out asylum and protection ;)
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  5. The image shows the 2 EMC minibosses, conveniently next to each other.

    I couldn't see another player around when I was there, but it's possible that one of these could've been spawned by another player before I came in, then I spawned the other ;)
  6. I have found 2 momentus just out of spawn, one was actually in the frontier spawn in the past 2 days.

    And that link is broken too :p
  7. I think they should rename Marlix into the EMC_Vulture or Marlix_Vulture because he often comes in after Momentus is done. Probably tries to swoop in and pick up on us poor player remains (as in: trying to nab our stuff!) :D
  8. I'lll try to fix it (damnit onedrive)
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  9. Onedrive is great for storing your data, but horrid with showing images because it will always try to authorize people. It prefers that you log on.

    A better site to share pictures is Imgur. Just follow this link; you can even upload pictures without making an account and merely dragging & dropping your pictures from your file manager onto your browser.
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  10. I personally love Gyazo, because I can either use the taskbar icon to quickly snap a picture that will automatically compress and upload, or I can right click on any image file and I can upload & copy link to that picture. I would use Imgur if they made it more convenient to upload, but with the snapping feature and the right-clicking feature, Gyazo has me sold at the moment.
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  11. Well, I uploaded the image to my own webserver, so it should work now. I will remember imgur for the next time! :)

    And I do like onedrive as well ( it gives you 30gb for free), but unfortunately I cannot use it for images, and that disappoints me.
  12. I still cannot see it. SSL error.

    EDIT - 5,000th post!
  13. But I assume that this also means that you installed software which provided those upload features, right? Because that would be the problem for me ;)

    Still; speaking of ease of uploading: you can also place an image in your clipboard (I usually use IrfanView for this) and then paste it (control-v) straight into Imgur. That's what I usually do for individual snaps.
  14. Yeah, but the program is pretty lightweight and hardly uses any RAM (360kb at idle). I don't see why it would be a problem.
  15. The url link you put doesnt work for me, my phone said it was not safe to view the site.....
  16. Me too
  17. I did put it on imgur now, because nothing else seems to work :(

    So once again, can you see it now?
  18. Yes. And 1st view!
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