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  1. I would pay Irl money and In game money to get spawners I could place on my res, that could spawn creepers or just hostile mobs in general.
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  2. That would be pointless in town. It would just be an utter waste of your parents' money if they allowed that.
  3. true but it would be handy and it would be my own money thanks very much
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  4. I agree it would be incredibly handy for such things as XP grinders or even infinite pork chops however it's not really vanilla...
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  5. Yeah I guess but technically spawners are vanilla, just they way your getting them isnt..
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  6. Never gonna happen
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  7. Lolz guys Its called a suggestion for a reason.. I was just suggesting I figured it neverr would,, I was simply saying
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  8. Sorry for the bump guys, but I thought I should explain why this won't happen.

    The reason it won't happen, is simply because we have an economy, and lots of the money is made through items and XP in the forum of enchantments. If this was allowed, people could set up a grinder in town, and theoretically, tank the economy.
  9. I think it's called inflation. Correct me if i'm wrong, Volt.
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  10. Inflation is when there is so many things in an economy, the value gets lower. You are correct.
    The US only prints money every couple of years due to it paying debts to countries. High inflation already happened in the US before. Many times.
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  11. Inflation is where the economy gets flooded with excessive currency.
    A Minecraft economy differs from a real-life economy where the usually desired outcome is one where players can buy goods and services in a manner which is helpful to them, but not so helpful it takes the challenge out of the game, whereas in a real-life economy, we want goods and services to be cheap as possible so as many people as possible are able to access them.
    In this situation, the vanilla aspect of the game would be ruined. The economy would be flooded with cheap goods. But from what I see, inflation has nothing to do with it. The circulation of currency in the economy differs from the real-life paradigm, we have a currency which is magicked into our pockets in increments ranging from 100r to 1,400r, we trade it with others, and it eventually is magicked back out through the Empire Shop. The spawners have no effect on the creation of currency, therefore it is not inflation.
  12. This probably won't be added cause it wouldn't be vanilla.
    Edit: and it would destroy the economy
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  13. Inflation mean the prices get higher not lower, and the value of rupees becomes lower. This is not caused by the amount of items in the economy.

    72Volt is right inflation is caused by the growth of the money supply. So this wouldn't cause inflation but would actually make prices of the items go down. Inflation would occur if Aikar starts giving a lot of noobs free rupees.
  14. But no one wants to have the prices go down for anything. The prices for enchanted items or books would be practically zero now since you can just farm xp on your res and get enchanted items. Same thing for the price of any mob drops.
  15. Hence why I said it will never happen....
  16. Oh I missed that part...