Spawners [Suggestion]

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  1. Hey so I was wondering if we could be able to purchase spawners from the shop. Maybe like 200k each or something? It would be nice, like on factions I have a super nice and compact iron golem farm. :)
    Also don't hate on me if this is like ruinings everything blah blah blah.
    I just want to know, like yeah :3
    (Also don't mind the fences in the pic, my cow spawner is in there :))
    2014-04-02_14.48.30.png 2014-04-02_14.50.07.png
  2. I know i always wanted end portal blocks, sponges, and spawners to be able to build with ... as for functionality ... it might be way op
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  3. Well, maybe if we price it at like 1 million, it is worth it maybe then?
    I would like to see the next day someone make a huge tower out of them.
  4. If it is too low, it will be abused. Then again, if it is too high, nobody will buy it.
  5. I like the idea
  6. It's a good idea, but I agree that the price would have to be outrageous for it to work
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  7. 1 Million isn't a bad price... because if you could build a triple/quad/quintuple spawner....
    But either way - No
    Also you're showing the server name on there (In the picture the chat bar)
  8. I assume those are "Clans"
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  9. Those are just faction names.
  10. This idea has been suggested and has been turned down by staff already. Sorry.
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  11. The only way something like this could ever work, is if the prize continued to go up... because rupees come from the sky bank of infinity, there are no limits as to how many rupees will ever be in circulation, and since enchanted things have direct influence in the market, making something like this will continually bring the value of the rupee down, meaning it should take more rupees to by spawners over time. The simple reason for a no on this one though, even if we DID find a way to make the price dynamic, which I am sure we could do if we sat down and thought about it long enough, only the richest players would have them always, making the richest players more rich. And you would feel like you are more rich, just because you have more rupees, but.. the rupees would buy you less. i.e. the American dollar
  12. Those are factions like jacob5089 said. I wouldn't put the server name on there and if I did I would have used the black paint tool of awesome.
  13. If they didn't work - and were just used for decor ... i'd prob still buy one for use in town or something... they look pretty cool.
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