[Spawner] [Utopia] double blaze spawner (Already setup)

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  1. Double blaze spawner with glass windows so you can see money come out the drain while your in the 4x4 afk house.

    The spawners are setup to funtion, collect and dmg the blazes to 1hit-killable.

    I made a small chest-collection room for locked chests etc etc.

    Price: 100.000

  2. I think you need to make it cheaper then 100k! Like 60k?
  3. I buy it for 60k Nothing higher
  4. Actually 100k is a really good price.
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  5. So its a grinder?
  6. Yes.

    Selling already made grinders is illegal, for some reason.
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  7. So no weapons need?
  8. And is it close enough to so it's spawn at the same time, Both?
  9. No its not, ICC clarified this in an earlier topic.
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  10. Yes, thats why there is a small afk room to activate both spawners.
  11. 1. button = dmg.
    2. button = kill.
    3. button = auto-unstuck stuck mobs.
  12. I'll take it then!!!
  13. Selling grinders is legal Alex, I asked Shaun, ICC, and Green_Mystery all verified this.
  14. Oh okay, thanks. They probably need to edit that guide then :/
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  15. Okay, give me 10min, i gotta send my character out there to make sure all my stuff is removed.
  16. He wants it for 60k. Not 100k.
  17. "Ill take it" in my mind means he will take the OP, meaning 100k

    I have no intention of selling this for 60...

    I could probably have buffed it to 120k - but cant be bothered to wait that long - im on vacation.
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  18. Sold.

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