Spawner Finding/Grinder Making

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  1. I am trying to find someone who will find me a spawner in the wild on SMP 7, and convert it into a grinder. I will pay 4.5-5 k if it is made well. I would prefer a skelet thread, but a zombie or a spider one would work too. Even if you won't do it, just tell me someone who will.

    To recap, I need a grinder, will pay 4.5-5 k for a good one, would prefer skelet, and I need to do 5 day financing.
  2. Your in luck i found a skelly one way back in smp7 are you still looking for one i wrote down the cords and haven't seen anyone near there
  3. I have a skele on SMP8 interested??
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  5. Thing is, would I have the XP if I go to SMP 7? I would also have to vault all the drops.
  6. exp goes with you no matter what smp you are on say your level 12 on smp6 and go to smp7 you will still be level 12 well vaulting only costs 10r each time you open it but you could most likely sell the drop in town to save money and get the most you want with the items you enchant it would be better to auction them to increase profits or just look for people buying a certain type of item and make easy money
  7. Whoa! That's pretty smart.
  8. So do you still want?
  9. I now need someone to just find me a skelet spawner. AlexChance is making the grinder for me.
  10. Darn, Forgot coords for skele spawner I found...
  11. Sorry, I only have a zombie 1 somebody payed me to set up a grinder at XD and a spider 1 i made into a makeshift grinder. both on smp7 though.
  12. Does anybody else have the coords for a skelet spawner on SMP 7? (Don't tell me. PM me the coords)