Spawner and Grinder Sales Thread

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  1. Hi Guys! I shall update this as I sell or acquire more!

    Because I am not returning to these I will put the server number for each.

    Skeleton Grinder (SMP8) 7k.
    Blaze Spawner (SMP8) 9k. SOLD
    Skeleton Spawner (SMP8) 4k
    Zombie Grinder 7k
    Blaze Spawner (SMP1) 9k
    Zombie Spawner (SMP9)
    Skeleton Spawner (SMP9)

    If you buy more than one feel welcome to haggle!!!

  2. I would go for a grinder that has zombies AND something else...
  4. Just plain zombie? What server?
  5. Yeah SMP8 PM if interested
  6. Wait, I'm pretty sure grinder sales aren't allowed - only natural spawners. I'm not 100% though.
  7. Yes, this thread is probably going to be taken down, because grinder sales are not allowed (I don't want to hear you say "But the other people are doing it!" If you had actually read the grinders sales thread in full you would have learned)!
  8. Me say that?
  9. No I quoted you because what you said because I was verifying your thought. But the rest I was talking to the thread owner.
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  10. Added Spawners Also I may be will to make grinders but will add 5k on top of that.