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  1. A creeper exploded knocking me into a cavern on the South outpost. I can't get out (protected) and If i kill myself I'll lose my diamond armor and sword I've worked so hard to get! Aghhhhhhh. Any ideas?

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  2. Use the live map
    Jump click your way out.
  3. wish I could help but Im about to go into my next class.
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  4. So you are in a hole in the protected area?
    just /town......
  5. /town
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  6. You can't kill your self in the protected area anyway.
  7. Hey, encourage the new guy, don't scrutinize his mistakes :)
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  8. That's why it was a slight facepalm
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  9. Still a facepalm.
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  10. But it was so slight it was not a facepalm.
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  11. It said slight facepalm. Therefore it was a facepalm. If it were so slight it was not a facepalm, it would be *facepalmstooslightlytocountasafacepalm*
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  12. Well, that worked! I learned something too. Thank you all very much.

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