sound crash

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  1. i logged in and the sound was turned off so when i turned it back on minecraft crashed with no log of it i did force update but that did not help at at all
  2. My sound is not working too :(
    I tried an folder from my friend, nothing happends :(
    I really like the sounds, does anyone know what to do?
  3. i used one of my other .minecrafts but its still happening
  4. Not only sound, but chests take about 1 minute to open.
  5. i did a scan on my .minecraft and it was clean
  6. Its just sound. Just put on some music.
  7. yeah thanks
  8. I sense some sarcasm...
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  9. ok now i don't think its minecraft i tried looking at the sound proprieties and the sound test windows froze like minecraft did ind i can't hear you tube videos
  10. Now livemap is not working - getting a "
    Web files are not matched with plugin version: All files need to be same version (0.70.3-1298)
  11. are you talking about empire minecraft? because THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT i haven't been on if a few days