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  1. So, me and my roommate Gildleroux are using our res to build a big apartment complex for you fellows who had to go without a res. We are gonna chargge for our rooms, but if you help us gather the resources we need we will -gladly- give you a free room. construction should hopefully be done in about a week or so.
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  2. I could help, what do you need
  3. i don't think this is a good idea for many reasons 1 which is it's completly open to greifing you would have no control over someone gettin into someone elses stuff and wouldn't be able to prove who did what

    and depending on the mods to sort out any mess is wrong since it would be YOUR fault if anything happened
  4. Agreed, this is a terrible idea... This is why you must first get to know the members of the Empire, before you extend a trusting hand to them at all... Otherwise, you will open yourself to the anonymity of the internet, and what it allows others to do...
  5. i believe you can make subdivisions of your res, and only give them rights for that division though, so if thats true its not such a bad idea
  6. you can't those commands are for justin and jeremy only (it's how the town was made in the first place)
  7. With the Town getting full so often it might be good to have an apartment complex. Mabye not by the community, but by someone official (mods/admins.)
  8. One of the things we talked about in another thread somewhere is the ability to make sub divisions within your res. It's on Justin's long to-do list...but don't expect it very soon as we have some other pretty big things in store first. :)
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  9. does justin like help?
  10. well, we a
    re pretty good on suppies now. we are cranking out building way fast. its been tw days and we already have 6 residences and working on the 7th
  11. update on the server off topic though what i just said
  12. I'm building a hotel two. Only the people staying can only have the "Use" flag so they can only use doors and crafting tables. :)
  13. thats the same thing im doing. but im giving them the container flag too. so they can keep stuff. i have 9 rooms now. 5 are open. i know there will be griefing but if i find who it is they lose the move flag and we lay claim to whatever items they had. its posted in the rules they must agree to
  14. all i would have to do is rent a room from you and keep my stuff on my lot.... you would never catch me and never get my stuff till justin add support for this it is a really bad idea
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  15. but what about the people who don't have a lot? :)
  16. Wouldn't people end up stealing from each other.
  17. if i catch someone stealing they get kicked and the person who got stolen from gets stuff and more. im trying to give people with no lot a place to stay. i actually got one of the last ones. my friend signed up 20 minutes after i did and he couldnt get one.
  18. and also, thats something that i cant control but something that has to be accepted. you arent required to staly there and things like that do happen i know
  19. I think this should maybe be bumped up the list. I don't wanna sound pushy but I think it'll allow for residences to be shared, therefore making the continuous lack of space for new members less of an issue.
  20. I concur with this being a bad idea.