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  1. I think that there should be a special EMC armor that is Soul Bound. This armor can only be edited once and cannot be repaired. Can also have tools/weapons that are like this too.
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  2. They should add the enchant soulbound but its like a super rare chance to get
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  3. Marlix armor
  4. Seems too overpowering.
  5. Which part?
  6. What if they gave a soulbound voucher thingy, and you can put soulbound on one of your items
  7. Ooh, I like that.
  8. i would totally use a soulbound voucher on a book and quill
  9. Sorry but you don't think this is overpowering?
  10. Souldbound armor that could be repaired, sounds pretty overpowering. But if vouchers were dropped at maybe a special event. I think it would be fine.
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  11. I like the soulbound voucher thing. But they would be super expensive/rare like vault vouchers?
  12. We have soul bound armor already though...
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  13. he said in the OP
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  14. Thanks for clearing that up for him.
  15. I said something like this, aikar said no
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  16. I don't like the idea of soulband being an enchantment (rare or not) or of people being able to buy it.

    I think it would be kind of cool to have soulbound vouchers, as long as they are rare and you can't buy them with rupees or IRL money. This enchantment is too powerful to be anything but hard to get.