Soulbound items not really soulbound

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  1. Okay so back when "soulbound" items first came around when voters armor showed up I was a bit excited not having to worry about losing some items from dying. Well back then I used my voters armor and just had regular tools on me etc. I died from a very high fall near one of the wild spawns. Well I didn't realize till I saw my voters armor on the ground that it didn't actually stay soulbound to me.

    Ever since then I was wary of trusting this claim and thus never use or take any "soulbound" items to where I can die.

    Now fast forward to tonight, just a few minutes ago in fact. I accidentally fall down a huge pit in the waste. I then rush to the spot (since it was close to spawn) and then in the water (that I put down trying to save myself earlier) I spot something I had forgot to put away before heading out. My brand new "SOULBOUND!" empire firework. Luckily I didn't lose it however this just confirmed my suspicions these days if they really are soulbound or not still.

    And before anyone asks yes my inventory was quite empty. There was almost a chest full of inventory slots available. I only had bare essentials on, so I would have room to collect items.

    So obviously this "soulbound" claim is false. Either that, or it still doesn't work for me at least. What's going on?
  2. If you see me on smp8, you'll see I basically just use voters stuff. Soulbound hasnt failed me yet, and I've died thousands of deaths everywhere lol. Voter stuff is super convenient. Though if you're having issues, maybe talk to staff? I had a voter hoe, and avalauncher (avalauncher was released like a week before and maybe had a bug or something ) poof in 700 days of game play. Staff helped me look and indeed determined it poofed and got me new ones. It should be a 99.99% success rate of staying with you. And staff has been great about ..01%. It looks your situation seems to differ for some odd reason, staff can help. I guess that's my story. I hope staff can help you trust soulbound again.
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