Sorry for breaking SMP4

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  1. So as most of you know smp4 has gone down multiple times in the past 3/4 days.. This may or may not have been the fault of 'my' farm. Me and WHITE_TRASH_DNA, yea that dude. were buiding a farm in the nether and to kill the /entc we put 205 chickens in a 2x2 hole. entities being pushed againt eachother causes great amouns of lag... and the fact we had around 15 nether hounds running around (oops) So yeah. my apologies for that...

    Sorry c: White spawned the chickens not me.. so blame him ;)

  2. Oh good idea! I'm going to break all the smps now.
  3. I think I like the part where I ask about a person in the nether with lots of netherhounds and you two didn't even think about the 200+ chickens you had in that dark hole until I was completely confused at what could be causing issues.


    We're gonna rat you out to Minecraft PETA.
  4. quite nubbish lol
  5. It was all white's fault.
  6. Thank god smp4 is broken, COME ON SMP8 NOW!
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  7. I think we should put Matt and White in that hole for a day... would serve them right for hiding all that yummy foo.... err, those poor chickens... >.>
  8. Everyone! Hide your tanooki leaves!
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