SOPA & PIPA Support or Against

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Do You Support or Appose SOPA & PIPA

Support 4 vote(s) 12.5%
Appose 28 vote(s) 87.5%
  1. What are your views and why?
    Do you support SOPA and PIPA or do you appose them?

    Tell us why!
  2. Less Communism, more Democracy!
  3. The funny this about SOPA/PIPA is that the USA has spent so much time and money on fighting communism (Which isn't as bad as the US government says it is) and then they do this. Way to go Hippocrates.
  4. Well, Obama calls it Socialism, allowing it to be acceptable... Just put a different bow on the same gift and give it to the same person and they believe it is "new" and "better"... Just what the current regime wants to happen.. Consume and obey the fear being projected from your television and radio and soon we will control your internet too.. Welcome to the Police State that is being built behind closed doors just before we attack Iran...
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  5. luckily Obama is against SOPA and PIPA

    Now only if JustinGuy wasnt a supporter


    Then again JustinGuy has the right to his own opinion and i may disagree but i will respect his opinion
  6. Of course, I would never try to force my opinion on others.. The problem is, the spirit will be lost in the abuse that will certainly prosper in the SOPA and PIPA bills wake...
  7. that i agree with
  8. I don't see what is the big deal.Besides the fact that it has the potential to ruin our current world standing.
  9. The big deal is that it would give the government the right to shut down any site that contains piracy or a link to piracy. this includes YouTube and any site that has links to Youtube. please name one site that does not contain piracy or a link to piracy.
  10. Wait, if Obama doesn't support SOPA/PIPA, he can reject the bill!
  11. Yes, he can veto, but it would not stop for countless rewrites, revotings, new lobbyists, lots of time and money spent. A veto does not stop a bill, just sets it back. Its like getting sentenced in a county court, there are a long list of appeals you can go through so it does not always mean final answer.

    Like you ask your mom for a cookie, she says no. So you go to dad, and he says yes. Similar to that. Except you ask mom, she says yes, as you get the cookie dad catches you and says "WTF! NO COOKIES FOR YOU!" you go and drag mom to the kitchen with you to show dad that you have permission.
  12. I don't know american politics, but is the president rejecting bills passed by parliment something that happens often?
  13. True but do you EVER think this crap will pass.
  14. The DMCA did
  15. Parliment = Congress, and yes, it happens quite often. President has the final say on all bills, and can turn down a bill at any time if he sees fit.
  16. Yes but that kind of makes sense.
  17. Good example btw. Of a bill that fought for that was not popular.

    however, larger parts of SOPA Actually unravel parts of the DMCA

    SOPA Places the liability on the server owners instead of the liability lying with the users.
  18. Which is bad for the server owners because now they are expected to moniter everything and for big sites like facebook and youtube that is just to hard to do therefore the sites would close. And we also have to think about it. If the U.S. has already threatened Spain for not passing a similar law what about those countries that do pass this law? this gives a new power to the government and it will be abused!
  19. Oh well. I hope it doesn't pass. You can bet that right after it gets passed there it gets passed here.
  20. lol you know it!

    I was so honored to participate in the blackout yesterday and am glad Mojang did too. This bill needs to be stopped and there a second blackout in the planning but it may not happen. If it does though many more sites will participate and hopefully the search engines will do a complete blackout this time. The plan for the next blackout is to basicly shut the internet down for a day. even a few web hosts said that if enough of their users agree they may shut there servers down for the day. But that is not public info yet. we still trying to decide if we are doing it,