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  1. As most people who play minecraft know, update 1.7.9 came out recently which supports name changing. I have mixed opinions about this, as I am sure many of you do. What questions do you have about name changes? Are you going to change your name? Are you not creative enough to come up with a decent name and would like suggestions (me)?
    Personally, I have 2 questions. Number one is how will this work on forums? Will there be name change support on the forums so that if you change your IGN it will change the forum name as well? Possibly an option in the settings that allows forum name changes? I am sure Xenforo supports it.

    Number two is what do you think I should change my name to? I have wanted to change my name since a week after I got it, which was almost 4 years ago now. (Fall of 2010)

    Edit: I want to get rid of my numbers and the base of my name, completely new name. *cough* Erik
    I don't know, but I may want it to include my real first name (Matt)
  2. 1. Idk that's complecated...
    2. bamboozled826 :D

    P.S First!
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  3. 1. Have no idea, but I am assuming it won't matter.

    2. You should keep it the way it is. :) Unless you have another good idea.

    To be honest, I have been DYING to change my name from "wisepsn" to "Wisepsn". CAPITAL W. I am so OCD. :p
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  4. 1. The name change support gave players their own UUID (Universally unique identifier) so name changes can't get around certain things. Like if I was banned on SILVERMAN2 and changed my name to _SILVER, it wouldn't check to see if SILVERMAN2 tried to join, it would check my UUID to see if that's banned.
    2. I don't think you should change your name. Many people know and recognize you as boozle628, so it would create a lot of confusion. (Or at least a lot of work explaining it to everybody)
  5. they have our best interests at heart <3
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  6. Dinnerbone said*
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  7. 1. I don't think the name will change as on the forums and it will stay to what it's original MINECRAFT name is
    2.try changing it to something you like
    3 the worst on of all I think you have t be oped to use namechanges
  8. I can see name changing as a big problem. The best way for emc to do it is to force a player's displayed name (in game and on forums) to whatever they signed up with. I imagine that usernames are stored in a database here. Every player in game will have the name of the player in the database that matches their id. This is possible as seen by the many nickname plugins.
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  9. I know. You are not the only one who read the post by mojang. :D
    I imagined that was the case with the forums. However, I assumed there would be a different way to change your name, like in the options possibly or maybe in player preferences on
    It would definitely be possible, you do not even need a nickname plugin. You can just dm it from permissions.yml in the server folder. I do agree that it definitely could cause some poser problems and even just general technical problems for Aikar, but I personally would like to see name changes implemented. Possibly with /p you could add a section with original player name?
  10. 1: we should have like a list of our names on our status
    2: keep it. It helps everybody
  11. I am planning to change my name. bemvino87 is who you all know me as, but honestly I don't really like how it sounds anymore. Plus, it's hard to pronounce... Not putting my planned name here for reasons (e.g. don't want it taken :p)
  12. Nope, they don't :p

    And Aikar has already said he doesn't know how they will work with the forums and could possibly break alot of things >.>

    And yes, I will be changing my name. I don't know what to yet, but anything is better than 'SoulPunisher' x3
  13. When we detect a name change, we will automatically rename the forum account too.

    I hope we can get support in place before name changing goes live (which btw: You can't do it yet.), but if we can't, we can at least disable name changing and force a player back to their old name as a temporary measure.
  14. Good luck :p UUIDs are really hard to work with and I can't figure them out, so all of my plugins and stuffz will be broke the moment 1.8 is out :c
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  15. UUID transition stuff is already out in 1.7.8, so it should't be any different in 1.8, it will already be broken if it doesn't support it.

    Essentially, store data by uuid instead of name.

    For example, the empire user table looks like:

    int user_id;
    String name;

    I will then add a String uuid; onto the table, and where the login code currently does SELECT * FROM user WHERE name = ?, I will instead do SELECT * FROM user WHERE uuid = ?

    Then we can compare if the name in the database matches the name the user logged in with and convert stuff accordingly.
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  16. They're easy to work with. And UUID's have been a feature since at least 1.7

    Plus, your plugins will only break when someone changes their name, otherwise, they'll work just fine.
  17. Not with Skript :p And also, i'm pretty sure most people are going to change their name >.>
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  18. Depends what you have to go through to change it, it it costs or if it's complicated then it might put several people off

    Edit: On the other hand Im thinking of changing my name to "AliceTheFox" or "AliTheFox" so I can have a 'better' username for my hopefully-soon-starting YouTube account for when I play Minecraft on it. But Im just waiting to see how the whole thing will work
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  19. Some of us love our identity and wouldn't want to change =P

    And there lies the reason why EMC doesn't use systems like that, putting so much dependance on some other plugin to get things done :p

    Very little has to change on EMC for UUID's. Shop signs are the only real concern, and I won't be switching those to UUID, we will switch those to EMC ID.
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  20. No, I really don't like it. I know raging about it won't work though, so I did not. I would never change my name, even if only because there is a chance someone takes my name. And I do not want to have somebody else named 607, because people will think it's me, obviously. I do also think I won't like it when other people change their names. Because I know them by their behaviour, names, picture and skin. I am also happy that Olaf_C is Olaf_C again because IceCreamHorse just felt different. So when somebody changes their name, it will confuse a lot. I also see a lot of pranks coming with names, with well-knownpeople2's et cetera, like we have now with alts, but worse. And then, while people changed their name just for fun, somebody else can switch to their name and that will create problems too. I think you get what I'm trying to say :)