Sooo is anyone else having this issue?

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  1. I want a shader and I went and installed forge and all that, but when I go to the options menu and try for the "Shader" button-- there isn't one!! D: I don't know what to do, and I've also manually put it in the shader folder, as well as the mod folder (not at the same time), but nothing works. Has anyone else had this issue??
  2. Did you make sure forge is installed correctly? And, make sure you follow the directions for downloading the shaders and putting into the game. Sometimes, shaders need to be put directly into the version file, not the mod folder.
    EDIT: oh, and make sure you are using the correct version for that profile.
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    I installed forge correctly, I checked that, and I did the instructions included with the download for the specific shader. And by version folder you mean the 1.6.2, not the version folder itself?
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  4. Chickeneer or _Stads_ is who I usually go to for help with mods!
  5. You're needed!
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    Can you link which Shaders mod you are trying to install?
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  8. >.> Did you make sure you have your version on the profile your using, have the forge on it...? It doesn't auto change so, you must do that your self. :p Under edit profile, and click Version. Then click Forge. Save the profile, and try to play it.
  9. This happened to me. I had optifine installed along with a sharer in 1.6.2 and it did the same thing with yours. Try removing optifinen if you have it. If you don't have optifine installed then I don't know.