[Soon Selling] Enraged Zombie Egg (Description Below)

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  1. I have obtained an enraged zombie egg that I wish to sell. I also need to explain what it is because the name can be a bit misleading. In your inventory it looks like a villager egg, but when u cursor over it a red tag shows "Enraged Zombie". IT WILL SPAWN A VILLAGER, but this villager will have a red name tag above it "Enraged Zombie". This effect can not be obtained using an anvil without the use of mods or hacks; however, they can be obtained legitimately in EMC. Come to my res to look at this find. I will auction one soon, but need to show them off first to ensure no one thinks they are misled.

    (Side Note) This is one of my first attempts at using forums, if this post belongs elsewhere or if staff have any questions please attempt to pm me in game. I will try to keep up with this thread tho.
  2. Ooooh. This is rather interesting.
  3. I envy your patience.
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  4. Thanks
  5. Interesting, the last time I tried to eggify them, the enraged quickly turned into a regular villager with no lore on the villager name. But that was in 1.7, maybe it was not updated properly when we updated to 1.8.
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  6. I hadn't tried pre 1.8. Maybe so.
  7. 3hr BUMP (If not 3 hrs i apologize, trying to account for time difference)
  8. That bump is fine. You actually bumped 3 hours and 7 minutes after your previous post.
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  9. Is it a bug/glitch? You said it wasn't obtained with hacks or mods so maybe it's some sort of fault or error. Either way, it's still an awesome find.
  10. I do not know how it will be defined, I think of it as an EMC quirk. I will say that they are not easy to obtain, but also not impossible. A few people have figured it out simply by knowing it is possible.
  11. Interesting....you're lucky to have a trait of patience. I very much envy it like Penguin :p
  12. Well there is a hold on if I will be able to sell the eggs,....most likely not. They have been taken from me. I am not sure I will get them back. I had to give up the names of people I know have them. I have refunded rupees to epic0258. Also, I support whatever final decision is made by senior staff. I did obtain these through a "bug" and should have reported it immediately. And finally, EMC is a great server.
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  13. Emc's messup like nether hounds, should let you keep the remaining ones.
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  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  15. I was told that they would like to have rid EMC of nether-hound eggs, but so many where obtained that it was not feasible to collect them all. It would be generous of staff to give my eggs back, but completely fair for them to keep. I cannot condone any arguments against staff in this matter. I appreciate people defending me but I support staffs final decision.
  16. I got my eggs back! Sweet! They will be a permanent fixture of EMC is what I am told. Also how to obtain them is now to be made public knowledge. I intend to beat them to the punch, so here's what you do. Cure an enraged zombie of the villager type. Then after it turns stick it. Or u can buy one from me in the auction coming soon.
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  17. When do you think staff is going to fix this error?
  18. As far as i know not anytime soon, if ever. I was told it would be added to wiki, that how to obtain them will be made public knowledge.
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