Soo this happened last night :P

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  1. First of all lemme say, the few of us that stayed for the whole event did kill them all XD

    On smp4 in mysterious lands known as the shop...
    Mobs invaded the sphinx! :eek:
    Us players fought hard to defeat them all.

    The most trickyest mob was the super strong invisible silverfish/endermite

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  2. Where was this? xD
  3. Smp4
  4. They escaped the shop and started roaming the shop world.
  5. I made it into the UFO :eek:
  6. I'm bumming. I missed it.
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  7. It was a lot funner when it was just 3 of us :p
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  8. More fun*
  9. I want to do something funner too. Please message me when the next one happens.
  10. It was a random spark of madness from Aikar. Me, Lastingly and willies952002 was at /shop looking at the new ufo when willies sat on aikars throne. Which resulted in
    -photo on other PC will be edited in-
    and then he spawned guards to stop us getting there :p
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  11. That was a lot of pictures. looks like you all had a blast.
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  12. i wanna get in the ufo :eek:
  13. To get to the ufo you go to the 1.7 tp at /shop :p
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  14. oohh and stupid me was trying to ender pearl into it from on top of the sphinx