Sonicol01 (>oUo)>

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  1. I would just like everyone to know that Sonicol1 is the best friend you could ever have. With out him I would be bored and have no one to troll other people with, We go Taco's all night long. That is all...

    oh yeah and Panda's birthday is sometime this month i dont know what day so Happy birthday cuz im not good with birthdays and I will forget to say it. So Panda better read this..
  2. >.> .... original.jpg
    Happeh Birthday panda! \o3o/
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  4. Sonic
    that cat looks like you on a good day huehuehue
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  5. Is true the part that says "without him you would bored". Sonic remeber the chalupas of Taco Bell we eated at Santiago?
  6. I have to hear of the great Chalupas of Taco Bell. I love Chalupas.
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