Something upsetting.

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you something.. upsetting. So, I looked at the responses for my EMC Local quiz. I looked at the responses and they were very mean. Please don't say that. Thanks EMC, I just don't think that's acceptable.

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  2. That is pretty upsetting. Though this would be better fit into the thread that you made about the quiz, and not a new thread.

    That's kind of saddening though that people would do that..
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  3. I know! Someone answered "Because HKR is trash."

    That was the most upsetting one to me.
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  4. :O
  5. That is so responses were at least plausible to the questions. I think you should have a final question with who is the gamertag. Sorry this happened to you, but you know I would never do that. People are mean and cold hearted in this world and have nothing better to do with their lives but mortify little kids and hurt them mentally and virtually. And people who do that are probably people in their underwear hiding themselves behind a LED screen monitor.
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  6. Thanks shy :)
  7. I should be a life coach...
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  8. sure, why not?
  9. (In reply to what you said about putting a question for people to list their IGN)

    If people are putting these replies, you really think they'd list their name?
  10. It really makes me sad that people do stuff like this to you, they are just bullies. It tends to be the same few yet there never seems to be any punishment for it. There's not much you can do as you can't trace who said what but if anything bad is said about you on the website or in-game, report it and /ignore the player. Im sorry this happened/is happening to you. :(
  11. They didn't. That why I don't know WHO did it.
  12. Oh yeah...forgot about that variable...I got nothing then.
  13. But this is a quiz...on a website...
  14. I was referring to the emc website as staff can monitor what is being said/posted