Something something, please give us the "Leave town" command.

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by PThagaard, May 22, 2012.

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  1. So, SMP1 - every single morning is the same forsaken kindergarten.

    No mods online.
    /reports aren't working.
    Asking them to read the rules doesn't work.
    Yelling at them doesn't work.

    Tell me again - why is it that I'm spending my time on SMP1?

    Oh yeah, i forgot - i actually do enjoy it 95% of the time - the other 5% i could leave town chat, and not spend my morning being aggravated with these jerks that doesn't really give a crap..

    The report system is a joke - and nothing short off, when we cant leave town chat.
    Its not beneficial for anyone to ignore 80% of the server for shorter outbursts - cause when these things happens, it escalates to the point where EVERYONE is aggravated - and therefor its just better to leave town chat.

    So, i don't know if its the lack of mods, or the lack of mods in the right timezone, or if people just don't care - but it was NOT like this 2 months ago..

    I know, growing community, its all good - and most would be fixed with us being able to just /report and leave townchat when things are getting out of hand (10+ times a day)

    And oh my all means, don't take this as "I LEAVE IF U NO FIX!" - i love it here, i found everything i needed here - but is it to much to ask that the commands that makes us able to be in private, without kids spamming the chatwindow 24/7, doesn't get removed?

    Edit: Even making a command where you could still get private messages - but the rest of the chat off, would work.

    One step forward, two steps back as far as i see it.

    Comment: Yes i just got banned for 3 hours after telling the same 4 people to ****(ty for edit - just didnt wanna lie about what i did) off - for the 5th day in a row.. reporting every day, asking them nicely every day.. Just makes me wonder if anyone cares thats its always the same people doing the same stuff, over and over again. (The ban was fine - not complaining.)
  2. /ch off

    Also, FIRST
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  3. yeah I saw that when it happened I was like. Why did Pthagaard get banned for 3 hours. He was barely talking. Green_mystery banned 2 of the 3 guys who were being annoying but missed one and Pthagaard got caught in the crossfire. :p

    I then saw a few people disconnect after that (I think cause they were tired of the spam). Even after the two players got banned someone who I saw spamming THE chat over and over again is a MYSTERY to me maybe he is a GUY.

    Yet I didn't see anything done about him even though I know at least I reported him for spam and caps. But at least Green_mystery temp banned 2 of the 3 so it wasn't so bad.
  4. Pthagaard... your chat within the last hour was, to say the least, offensive and downright shocking.
  5. I agree - you try sitting there every morning getting pissed on my kids that doesn't care.

    I deserved it - i did.

    Doesnt really do much does it - when you cant PM.

    But anyways - this topic has nothing to do with my ban. Had to see if me getting mad would do any good, since the past weeks havent had much output being nice and /reporting.
  6. The only issue with this is you then can't see chat. Suppose someone tries to get in touch with you via Local or PM? Do they show up?
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  7. thats actually.. exactly what i do everytime i log on...
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  8. Well then just do /ch town, and it will leave town chat....I believe. Or you could try just using local chat and pms
  9. no since the new chat updates you are permanently in the /town chat.. always... only option.. turn it all off.
  10. Doing /ch town just puts you back into town chat.. say if you had been in local or in a private conversation.
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  11. iSmooch! But you're too cool to get pissed on. :'( what has this world become!!
  12. Its never been this bad imo.

    the command got removed to leave town chat - thats the main issue.
    And i cant even read PM conversations cause they spam juuust enough to not get kicked -but enough to have 1 message each 3rd sec.
  13. You could just do like me, hang in the wild all the time now to avoid the garbage.
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  14. I do that on all other servers :p

    Anyways, point being is:

    What do we do then?
    Is it possible for any mod to "ignore" channels?
  15. it has.. in different places.. I remember when smp 3 was a mad house from pretty much 2-4 am EST.. the newer servers now are not much different if you get on at the right time. its just part of it.. we cant be around all of the time. I know when i log on to 8 i still get "what does a green name mean" and I have slowly introduce law back into the wilds of it.. but its just a process... it kind of happens in waves... you will go a long while on a server with no real problems.. then it just all hits at once.. and then recycle...
  16. I agree.

    Im not trying to excuse my outburst on the people on SMP1 the past few weeks.

    Just trying to get a discussion going (since we never really got asked) about the command for leaving town - it would be a perfect way to not get aggravated like this, at least for me.
  17. There are times on 7 I have to put people on ignore because they are a pain in the butt who are usually just fine. Then suddenly for some reason weeks later they get a message to me through someone wanting to know why I blocked them. I unblock them and it's all good a couple hours then it gets crazy again. There are offenders who only do it the one time and stop.

    I can sit in town for a couple hours bored out of my mind. I go to the wild waaaay out and I'm being bothered by people for help. Sometimes it's the opposite.
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  18. And thats why the "leave town chat" was the best command we have.

    Heck, i rather have 1 res as a diamond supporter - and the chance to turn town off!
  19. I'd like to remind everyone that you can /ignore individual players.
  20. I know. My list is pretty long :)
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