Something fishy going on.

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  1. Well, something weird is going on. Recently a friend of mine got griefed in town. We got staff involved and they said they couldn't find any logs saying anything was broken. What is going on?!?

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  2. In town, you are given permissions to protect your items and your plot. When you give those permissions away to players, it bypasses the protection. It's like giving away the keys to your house and expecting them not to steal.

    We do not log blocks in town so there are no logs.
  3. Still, if someone steals from you, after you trust them, shouldn't it still be considered griefing? I mean in real life if you give a friend some keys to watch your house while your on holiday (for example) and they steal from you, you can go to the police and prosecute. Should emc not be the same? If not I think it a little bit unfair...
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  4. The issue is that there is no evidence to prove that anything was stolen in the first place because we don't log in-town blocks. If they said you gifted the items to them, there is no evidence to say they are wrong.

    No evidence = Staff cannot ban.
  5. Don't you think that should change? I know that when the player gives out permissions, they are warned, but there should still be some kind of logs kept (If possible). For example - i'm not sure how, but permissions could be given out by mistake, or someone could portray someone and grief them.
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  6. EMC cannot work like the real world in most cases. It would be nice to track things in town but that comes with lag. There are no hair samples that can be traced, no finger prints to see who's been in what chest for how long, and I would certainly never give someone the keys to my house. Breaks in/Theft happen when someone who is uninvited to the home tries to get in. Though in EMC when you give them permissions, you give them the right to use what you have. So if you were to give someone the keys to your home IRL, I don't think the police could do much either unless they like smashed your house up. Stealing would be different as you allowed them to come in whenever and thats your fault then. (Examples are for ages 18+ as a child does not have the right to legally give the keys to their own home away without parents).
  7. It would be an unrealistic expectation of the staff to implement logs into town so that an extremely small fraction of players in the community that give away their res perms don't get griefed, stolen from etc.
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  8. I know it may not be possible for logs to be made in town now, but i still think it a little unfair that this can happen, its a little loophole in an otherwise working system... I dont know, its just a little upsetting in my opinion that people who are trusted, can backstab people and get away with it... Its not a gripe with staff or the server, its just a little issue with a loophole...

  9. Now, I'm not an expert in what goes on in the EMC code, but do you know how much lag this change would actually cause? It's implemented for 4 other worlds in each smp. Waste, wild, waste nether, wild nether. I get virtually no lag in any of those places. In fact, nobody does, that's why it's still a feature.

    The reason it is not implemented is because people give other people permission, and with that comes internal conflict that the staff can't always take action on. Implementing logs is a bit too big of a task for conflicts that don't occur frequently, and are usually very vague in details.
  10. Don't give flags away on your res.
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  11. But that isnt always feasible @WayneKramer
  12. If you give out flags, you bypass the protection we put in place. It's like having a bodyguard and sneaking out without the bodyguard there to protect you. It cannot keep you safe.

    We cannot change this. Not only would it cause massive amounts of lag, but it would clog our grief logs so badly to the point where we could not investigate the wilderness griefing, etc. If you don't want to be griefed on your residence, you better trust the people you give perms to.
  13. the problem isn't with people giving perms though, its with people betraying the trust of the perm-giver. i understand that nothing can be done though, thanks for the help! :)
  14. What is your use-case for giving perms that there is no other way to achieve it? Out of curiousity here, I want to try and help.

    The only time I've given someone build (or other perms) is when I've paid them to do something on my res and I've stood there and watched them do it and then removed the perms afterwards. Maybe you could consider doing something like that, giving the perms temporarily and removing them after you log out.

    Another solution may be becoming a supporter, getting an extra res and using an extra res with perms for a specific purpose and leaving all your valuables on your main res with no extra perms.
  15. well some people have "hotels" and such where people can stay and some people while doing that grief
  16. There are access signs that allow people to open chests/other utilities which the signs are on. Build or container flag is not really necessary for hotels.
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  17. Access signs are used to only allow them open doors, chests,etc. ...
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  18. Which is why hotels are not sanctioned by staff
  19. Hence my signature since I first started playing here, even before becoming a Staff Member. ;)
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  20. So if you have a hotel, what does someone need to have access to other than a door or a chest?