Something Fishy! ~ 9th January (4EMC/9GMT)

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  1. Monday 9th January
    Hosted by me, AnonReturns!
    Time: 4 EMC / 9 GMT
    Location: At /v +MossyStone on Utopia!

    After hosting Something Fishy for the first time in January, I have decided to adopt it and make it my own monthly event! I aim to host it on the second Monday of each month (Subject to the real world). However, it will still be displayed on the events calendar at ahead of the date.

    The idea of this event is to have fun and meet new players! There are no winners or prizes, it's just an event for fun. The location will be in town normally as this offers a safe area, however, this may change in the future.

    Want to suggest your residence for this event? Send me a PM on the forums and I'll see what I can do ^_^

    Please remember to bring your own fishing rod/boat - although I will have spares! I will be on mumble during the event, so come along and join me! More information on mumble can be found at :)
  2. Saved for pictures!

    Thanks for xxBuffa1oxx for letting me borrow your res :D

  3. Yay! Of course I can never make it, because of time zone difference, but cool.
  4. This looks awesome ill try to be there!
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  5. totally coming, hyp hyp Hooray!!! :D
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  6. I don't frequent many events; its often because there's a combination of time (late), not always feeling up to it and I'm sure I can come up with more valid excuses :D But this fishy stuff has always managed to amuse me because yeah... It's fun IMO.

    I'll definitely try to make it this evening (but no promises, sometimes work gets in the way).

    Oh, by the way, Anon is right about bringing your own gear but I'd definitely suggest to also try and bring some extra gear as well. Something I'm definitely planning to do provided that I make it :)

    And obviously thanks for hosting this!
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  7. See you there!
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  8. I wouldn't miss it for the world ;) See you all there :)
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  9. It's like miner mania but fishing?
  10. I guess, it's just fishing for fun and to meet new people :)
  11. Fishing was very fun today, thank you for hosting! ^_^
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  12. Because actually fishing is for nerds

  13. Calling it now - "Something Fishy" becoming "Boats on Land Party" :rolleyes: There were so many of us parked up on the side while three people were there still fishing :p
  14. Stop, It's Fishy time.
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  15. Want to suggest a res for Something Fishy tonight? Reply to this thread or PM me your suggestions! :D
  16. I'd actually prefer doing it in the waste since then there's a chance it'll rain, which decreases fishing time. Also, more room for boat races. ;)
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  17. Hosting it in the waste is an option for the future that I'd like to keep open :) However I will be currently hosting it in town as it offers protection, no hostile mobs, just a worry free way to have some fun ^_^
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  18. Chin broke stuff
  19. Love to be here but, ehh need to study :(
  20. Studying before EMC! I've got big university exams in May and two lab reports due in for Friday, but I like hosting something fishy for an hour or two to relax and have fun, and meet new people ^_^
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