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  1. Here are the last three:

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  2. Second to last one is best in my oppinion the first few your not on fire>.>
  3. Yea I know, didn't know if you liked them better like that. Alright, second to last it is! Did you mean of the first uploads or the last three uploads?
  4. And i just figured out how to hide my bar! yay!
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  5. First upload and the reason i like w/ fire is it looks more real, like you actually just did fall in
  6. I agree!
  7. Terr: The final product awaits! Terr Minecraft Poster .jpg
  8. okay how do i get it to m sig without it tuning into broken picture? lol sorry i dont know this
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  9. And by the way. Yes! Thats Amazing!
    Edit: i am going to get rid of trade thing for yours :p just wanted to see what i was
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  10. Glad you like it, thanks for providing the idea, it is your reward for actually participating, thank you!:D
  11. So how do i get you photoshop thing onto my signature?
  12. Lol, I don't know!
  13. dang i'll find out somehow
  14. cool
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  15. Thank You!