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  1. Hey guys, if you got any catchy quotes or imaginative ideas, I'm pretty good with Photoshop so I can make posters corresponding to you ideas. If you come up with a catchy phrase to use on a poster with a theoretical Minecraft image in mind, hit me up! Also, I alter pictures for rupees, just send me you preferences and the picture you want altered telling me EXACTLY what you want tweaked or edited and I will do so in return for Rupees. Here is the one I recently finished. Took me about an hour but I like it and think it is catchy! Tell me what you think, provide suggestions for future posters, and/or hit me up if you want me to edit something and we will negotiate a price! Thanks fellow Empire Minecrafters!
  2. Umm...haha, says the file is too large. I'll make it into a smaller version, holdup. Here it is, quality might be bad, I had to compress it so much, sorry:
  3. Looks good, quite a nifty way to make a few rupees :) All the best my fellow entrepreneur ;)
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  4. Thank you! And yes I do like that feeling of entrepreneurship! :p
  5. I moved from smp1 to smp4 when it came out, I was one of the first to set up a store (one that was competing heavily with all the moderator stores), and I can tell you that I made a killing from it.

    But lately I have been neglecting the store for helping players with problems, keeping the peace etc, and finishing off all my grand buildings. So, the business I got was good whilst it lasted :)

    My plans for my smp5 res, Myself and a few others are planning to do something for the Empire Community "watch this space" :)
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  6. Haha nice! I actually own a store on SMP1, it has room for pretty much one of each kind of item in Minecraft. I like that you share my desire for productivity! I am a perfectionist and my store is perfectly symmetrical and square in every aspect and also extremely organized! Check it out sometime, not many items though because I was focused on building. I got to check yours out too. :D
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  7. yeh mr2r2m watch this space, nice cover *WINK*
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  8. Haha, good luck finding it, I cleaned up the res that the store was on, and created a cool monster energy can :)

    These are my res's:

    Utopia: 5002

    Utopia: 5003
    Image to come
    Smp2: 3012

    Smp4: 8011

    You should check em out :)
  9. Nice work bro, hope you get some in-come going on :) i'm learning some photoshop so it would be awesome to take some examples from you (if you get those catchy phrases here :)

    Btw: I love monster *delicious* :p nice buildings you got there mr2r2m :)
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  10. Thanks man :)
  11. Add the words "Don't Dig Down!" And you can crop out my bar, sorry I was on creative.

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  12. I like the idea, but I'm going to make take a screen shot so I don't have to crop out the bar for the sake of keeping it as HD as possible. When I post the image I'll give you credit for the idea. Also, should I add something dramatic like "don't you dare dig down" or something humorous? What do you think?
  13. Yeah i like the idea of it being funny and you can take your own screenshot i just wanted to give you the idea. Could I use it as my sig? I will credit you for creation
  14. Of course, thanks for providing me with such an awesome idea! I'm currently working on it, it's looking good!
  15. Cool this is awesome (wish i was good at photoshop) I'll just put a note in my signature that says Created by Seberling
  16. It will most likely be finished by tomorrow, if you want it such that nobody else can use it, tell me your email because I can't upload files via conversation, and the files in best quality is too big too upload, even as a .jpg. Did you want me to put your name on it anywhere?
  17. Maybe like "Some advice from Terr: Don't dig down!" Something to personalize it a little more? I haven't gotten to the text editing yet so feel free to suggest whatever you would like on it!
  18. I am researching funny minecraft stuff having to do w/ lava. But if something really good hits you go ahead
  19. Here theres going to be three more! Which one of these do you want me to use?

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