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  1. i really need something to entertain me, cheer me up, make me laugh, or get me interested enough to get out of this... :(:confused::oops::( mood.

    I just haven't felt like myself the last couple days, minecraft isn't giving me much to do, the weather dropped from sunny to, mid cold, dreary outside, nothing is on tv, everyone seems to busy with school, or work, i am in the middle or begging or even hopefully the end of a art block.. i can't write anything, or draw, or paint, or take good photos because it looks like crap outside.

    i've actually been debating if i really wanted to post something for last three days. and i just dunno what to do today. lol, i don't have my car at the moment to go drive some where, i'm not that social that i have no friends that can drive here, or live in walking distance. i wish i was as outgoing as i am online, in person... blargh! =\ darned shyness!

    i hope everyone else's day is going well, and happy and so on and so on :) i just wish i could get out of this ditch. -.-
  2. Well, I'll try cheering you up! I find YouTube to be a great source of humor. Now, I don't know if our humor is compatible, so... DISCLAIMER: you make not find these nearly as amusing as I do:

  3. O.O
    that first one is... well, strange. scary. hopefully he didn't make his girlfriend or wife clean that all up. i'd be pretty mad if i had to clean up after this video.
  4. hahaha, i liiiiike this!
  5. Good to brighten your mood :)
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  6. Just go on and scroll down for hours...
    If that's your type of humor, of course.
  7. How about cats? In the first one, skip to 4:14 if you're not interested in the whole thing, that's the best part.

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  9. lol never knew what weird things people are interested in *-*
  10. When I get in those moods I go running. Don't get me wrong I hate running, but exercise helps release endorphins. If you run in the rain if could inspire you. Get a few miles in and you'll feel better.
  11. I myself usually listen to Jean Michel Jarre - Rendez Vous :)
  12. i listen to eminem <3
  13. Jean Michel Jarre - Rendez Vous < never heard of them/ him. I've got it on you tube right now.
    Older Eminem is good to run to. New Eminem is great to run from.
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  14. haha great point. but i like all of it :D
  15. Jean Michel Jarre - A single artist. He makes Electronica. REAL Electronica. Not those techno bastards that claim to make Electronica. Rendez Vous - A album made by Jean Michel Jarre :)