Someones home/outpost on fire!

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  1. So, I just recently stumbled on an outpost/home in the Utopian wild, it was on fire, the trees, and I didn't know who, what, or when the first started and who did it. But when I got their, this is all that was burnt :

    Now, I hope I fixed some of it, I put out ALL fires, ending up in this :
    2013-02-27_20.51.50.png I am assuming this home/outpost belongs to weileyc, because of the locked chests, and dno't worry, I didn't take up any cords, I am just passing by, I am /map hide, so nobody can find me. If you want these pictures or entire thread removed, contact me via PM. =)
  2. Teh Piggeh Watch is on duty. Nothing scapes teh Piggeh Watch.
  3. Probably best to send a pm to a mod with server and coordinates.
  4. The problem is solved now.
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  5. Super Baconson on his way!
  6. Why do you have chat tips on? lol
  7. Sadly, since I am not a supporter, I can not help with this case, but our other Grandmaster will help in anyway possible with our assistance.-Brotherhood of Wolves
  8. Because chat tips are awesome and we add new ones now and then. ;)
  9. Hey, I like the chat tips. They make me feel like I'm not all alone out there...
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