Someone exploited a mistake in my shop and stole 400,000r

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Shaaades, Jan 21, 2013.

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  1. Can the mods do anything about this? This is just plain stealing.

    Can't say who it was for some reason
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  2. Remove the name

    What exactly did they do?
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  3. i dont think mods can give you your money back
  4. I'd like to know that also
  5. It's better to sort out this matter privately.
  6. Well Krysyy was allowed to ban people for abusing something in her shop.
    If you check your rupee history you can see what and who was buying stuff.
  7. Please sort this out in a Private Message. Moderators will also not give back any items or rupees. Also, please remove that name.
  8. I'll ask them to refund the money when I next see them
  9. Remove the name and PM a mod here
  10. Not really. And since you are a shop owner, it is your responsibility to make sure there are NO mistakes in your shop.
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  11. 1. You can always just PM them on the site because it's faster
    2. Please remove the name in the OP
  12. I have 2 separate shops using the same chest for diamonds that also allow you to sell. I accidentally put a 1 on the second line instead of a 3. He simply sold for 146r and bought for 49r
  13. That's you're own fault I'm afraid, the moderators won't take action unless he stole by glitching into the chest or stole.
  14. Im afraid thats true.
  15. Am I a horrible person? This whole time I have been thinking, "Damn, I wish that I had found this mistake".
  16. Hopefully the player will recognize his wrongdoing and give you back the money he took from the mistake he took advantage of in your shop system. Please contact him in-game in non- hostile, non- accusing manner and ask him.
  17. I don't expect the mods to give me anything. Just make them aware what they did was stealing and they should refund it.
  18. Like Jkjkjk182 said These are the risk you take you become a Shop owner. Next time just be careful on what you type on a sell/buy shop. Nothing can be done ex. for you putting false move on the member who did it and Don't go telling everyone on the server that he is a thief <- That would be falsely accusing someone
  19. I'm pretty sure that classifies as stealing. I'm not the type of person to go around talking bad about people, nor do I really care about rupees. But the fact he spent like 2 hours there and told others about it is what annoys me.
  20. What he did was in no way, shape, or form stealing. As it has been posted many times before, you were responsible for making your shop signs correct. What he did might be unethical, but is not stealing.
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