Somebody cheer me up... Pretty Please?

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  1. So, I was just scrolling through my news feed, when a wild Doctor Who post appears! Good, I better read it!

    It is the single most regrettable thing i've ever done.
    I got closer to crying when I realised Matt lied. He said he'd be staying until 2014, even though he's leaving in the Christmas special :(

  2. Here, numb your mind with this.
    All derping aside, Matt Smith was a great Doctor. But I knew he was leaving soon - he's almost had as many seasons as 10.
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  3. What? Did I just watch.
    Why... I just started watching the show...
    Now I can stalk you starting with mr dylan there :3
  4. Don't feel down, Matt Smith has set the bar very high, and whoever his successor will be, he will be chosen on the basis that he can beat the standards of his predecessors. If anything, this is an exciting and fast moving time, even if Matt is lost, simply by focusing on what the future could bring can get one anxious for whatever comes next. Don't Whovians relish in variety and anticipation?
  5. There's a reason that this could be a big, well thought out joke - Matt confirmed he was doing a Season 8 a week or two ago, so it doesn't make sense he'd leave Doctor Who in the Christmas special...
  6. He officially has a contract that extends through the Christmas special, though contracts can be extended...when he signed it originally in 2009, they had only planned on 3 years but made a clause in the contract that would allow it to extend by year if needed for two years...all we know so far is that he will be staying AT LEAST until Christmas...

    Though people have already started rumors, etc about WHO will be the next doctor...
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  7. Rowan Atkinson.
  8. I have never seen Doctor Who in my entire life, but this one scene makes me want to start watching it.
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  9. "This video contains content from BBC Worldwide America, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds"
    That was Matt's first episode, by the way </3 You made me feel worse :p
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  10. I used to wach it alot :)
    I just stopped...
    The next doctor could be even more amazing :)

  11. I hope the next is a Ginger, since that seems to be what he wants, when he regenerated "STILL NOT GINGER!"

    I also don't think he lied, as something I read said he would be sticking on but there's a chance it wasn't official.
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  12. I think it was...
  13. Oh God yes, I want that to happen lol, that man is practically a national treasure.
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  14. If so, his companion could be Teddy :D
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  15. Yes, yes, I want that in my life.
  16. Wait...What happened to the doctors purple clothes????
  17. They're his new outfit. When he started he had the other outfit.

    I also stole them xD
  18. So.. In the new season he will have purple clothes?