[SOME WHAT EXPLANATION] No Memorial Day promo yet?

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  1. There is no 2015 Memorial Day promo because the staff have been out Honoring the fallen, the fallen who gave their lives for our freedom. Please wait till like 9:00pm EMC Time for B4D or Chinny to get on, they have been busy honoring out heroes. (There still is hope for a promo!!)
  2. or maybe there just isnt a promo....usually they do the more recognized holidays
  3. My explanation is better XDXD Although, Memorial day is a day to remember the one who have fallen for the US's freedom. It is a big thing around here in Tennessee.
  4. "Promos" are just more shiny stuff to collect or sell.
    I'm hoping they don't have one for today, it'd feel disrespectful.
  5. I was wondering the same, but like what Kephas said, we would actually be disrespectful towards the Holiday. I'm happy without a promo ;)
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  6. I would like a building somewhere showing their respect, it may just be me.
  7. We should be demanding a Victory Day or perhaps an Armistice Day promo now if we got a Memorial Day one.
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  8. Why would 'B4D' and 'Chinny' be honouring American heroes, when they're British? I know you should respect soldiers no matter where they're from (contradictory to say the least), but they wouldn't be busy honouring them.

    Also, there is no need for a promo of this. The remembrance day poppy kicked up enough and I think it's best we don't try and integrate the money aspect of promos to real world value.
  9. No promo. It's completely disrespectful. I dislike anything given out in celebration over many peoples death. Just no.
  10. We should be remembering the fallen not asking for a new shiny thing to put in a frame.
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